Tricia Dyer has recently received her ECA Master of Light certification from Lois Herman & Associates. Tricia is a wife and mother of four amazing girls, and she’s a grandma too. During a difficult time in her life in 2019, Tricia surrendered everything to God. That’s where God began to show her the truth of the world, and when her journey really began.

Tricia’s background in spirituality began in the church at age 19. With much knowledge of the bible and trust in Jesus, her awakening experience led her to realize who she truly was as a prayer warrior. As God deepened her faith, she made a promise to God that she would do anything to serve him and help people. What amazing things God will do with us when we are completely aligned with His mission. He then led Tricia to Lois to heal past trauma for herself and her family and to prepare her for the battles ahead.

We all have amazing gifts when we surrender and tap into them. Tricia’s and the rest of our team’s mission is to awaken the gifts within other lightworkers and star seeds to assist them with their missions to help heal humanity. It’s been an amazing journey so far and Tricia is thankful every day that she can assist God with healing and empowering other amazing souls.

We are blessed and grateful to have Tricia join our ECA team of Light Warriors with her amazing bright light and precious loving energy.

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