by Tricia

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 When I began contemplating the “flow” that I now live my life by, God gave me this verse from the Old Testament. My background is Christianity, Bible scripture is how God often speaks to and through me. With this verse, my thought has always been, “Are we just to sit and be still? If so, how?” I believe that Alignment or Flow is the answer. 

We as humans have God’s holy spirit living inside of us. Our pineal gland is the receptor to that connection with the Spirit of God. If we are willing to empty ourselves and align our lives with God’s plans for us. Then, allow God’s spirit to flow through us, we will be fully equipped and empowered to do the work he has for us each moment of our lives. The Freedom, Joy, Amazement, and Magic that we are privy to once we surrender ourselves to a higher power and purpose is honestly Miraculous.

Living from this Flow makes everything in life exciting and amazing with each new sign, synchronicity, and answer we receive from the Divine. It increases our faith, gratitude, and trust in our Creator and Guides, and increases our resolve to fulfill our mission for Humanity. There is nothing more powerful than an Awake, humanity full of Faith in God and empowered by the awareness of what we are capable of once we allow God’s spirit to Flow through us.

Truly, Tricia