From Laurie A – Massage Therapist

I was stuck in different areas of my life; financial, romantic, and family. Although I clear my energy on a regular basis, it wasn’t ever enough. I needed outside help.

There was a block from early childhood that I needed to ask for help with. I now recognize there are amazing loving people who want to help and can only do that if asked. I learned that I don’t have to do it alone. I can trust there are loving people who are gifted and talented in this area.

The information that came through in the sessions was very accurate. The ECA team was supportive the whole time. One very negative entity could have caused fear, but I knew I was supported by these amazing team members, which gave me the strength to see how truly weak the negative entity was.

I would recommend this to people who continue to fix, heal, research, etc. their problems, but don’t move forward in their lives. Removing the blocks from the unseen world will make a positive difference in your life.