…And the greatest power of all is love!

The great “I Am” shared a brilliant message about the sacred trinity of Love, Power, and Freedom in a session with an amazing client. A self-empowered authentic person embraces the balance of love, freedom, and empowerment. For… love with freedom celebrates power. While… Power without love takes away freedom and freedom without power is void of love.

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who professed love, yet there was such emotional control that you felt drained of power and devoid of your individual freedom? In essence, you became a slave to the relationship. In healthy relationships, love offers the freedom to be oneself, thereby granting power to each.

Love of Power

The love of power takes away freedom. This is what we often see in some of our supposed government servants. They use their power for self-interest and personal gain. Those coming from the love of power seek to control and manipulate others, which takes away another’s freedom. Leaving everyone confused, invalidated, controlled, and feeling used.

When someone truly loves this country, they offer their powerful skills with love, to ensure freedom for everyone.

It is interesting to observe friends, family, and public figures who play power and control games. When in doubt, ask yourself, if someone is truly coming from the power of love or the love of power. The power of love sets you free to be your authentic self. You live with peace in an interdependent, honest, and healthy relationship.​

Freedom of Choice

Take notice of situations you’re in and strive to surround yourself with truly authentic individuals who embody and embrace the power of love celebrating the freedom to be yourself.

You have heard the phrase “If you love someone set them free.” Love always offers the freedom of choice. If they choose to return by their own power, then you know they are genuine. If you feel manipulated by games that are being played, they are using their power in an attempt to control which takes away your freedom.

If you feel someone is seeking to take away your power, set them free and see what happens. You may feel remorse at first. However, notice the relief you feel from living without the control dramas. In time, if they are sincere, there may be a reconnection based on new terms that celebrate real love with power and freedom for all.

The Light of Love

When clearing questionable energy, our team encounters many types of unseen forces. We have learned to shine the bright Light of Love into situations and observe reactions. If the energy shuns the Light we know they are from the shadow. If they embrace the Light, it is clear they are truly of the Light and are here to be of service. These angelic beings glow even brighter in the brilliant Light of Love.

The next time you wonder about a friendship in the seen or unseen world, blast them with the bright Light of Love. Then let them go and watch their response. If they turn and walk away, let them go. Their motives were less about love and more about power and control. If they return with open arms, welcome them with caution. Make new connections that are based on allowing you to express your individual authenticity.

In these times of great confusion and turmoil, it is important to be discerning. An authentic person will offer the power of love which celebrates freedom for all.

May God Bless America and the People of our World.
Blessings of Love, Power, and Freedom,
Lois Hermann

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