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Nurture Your Mind, Body, and Spirit: Experience the Healing Power of ECA Clearing, Hypnosis, and Reiki Sessions for Holistic Well-being!

Are you struggling with low energy, annoying habits, draining emotions, or need an energy boost?

Welcome to the journey of Energy Clearing & Alignment – a transformative practice that invites you to reconnect with your inner vitality and restore balance to your being.

If you feel any of the following, we help you shift out of it with our Specialty ECA Programs.

  • Do you feel lethargic, irritated, or inconsistent and can’t figure out why?
  • Do you seem to be out of balance, confused, or lost in a mental or emotional fog?
  • Do you need to alleviate stress, release annoying habits, or shift negative patterns?
  • Do you struggle with physical, mental, emotional, psychic, or spiritual distress?

We help you unlock your full potential and energize every level of your being with lightning-fast results!

Start today! Align your Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit for Success:

Foundation and Empowerment Program members may schedule follow-up sessions here.



Client Sessions: 2 hours

Team Investment: 4 hours

New & Returning Clients

Initial Clearing Session

Tandem Clearing

Hypnosis Session

Bonus Training

Distance Reiki

Remote Clearing



Client Sessions: 3 hours

Team Investment: 6 hours

New & Returning Clients

Initial Clearing Session

Tandem Clearing

Hypnosis Session

Bonus Training

Distance Reiki

Remote Clearing

Plus program


Client Sessions: 4 hours

Team Investment: 8 hours

New & Returning Clients

Initial Clearing Session

Tandem Clearing

Hypnosis Session

8 hrs Bonus Training

Distance Reiki

Remote Clearing



Client Sessions: 4 hours

Team Investment: 8 hours

Returning Clients ONLY


Tandem Clearing

Hypnosis Session

8 hrs Bonus Training

Distance Reiki

Remote Clearing

We are energy! Our bodies are like finely tuned instruments, resonating with the rhythms of the universe. Yet just like any instrument, they can sometimes fall out of tune. Stress, negative emotions, and environmental factors can create discord in our energetic harmony, leaving us feeling drained or out of sync. Our energy alignment sessions retune your innate rhythms for the highest vibrational frequencies.

The ECA energy-clearing sessions offer gentle yet powerful solutions for your body’s energetic master computer. It’s like pressing the reset button for your vibratory being. We use anti-virus-like tools to clear away cobwebs of negativity and allow your natural efficiency to shine through.

You can also think of it as a spring cleaning for your mind, body, and spirit. By releasing stagnant energy and removing energetic obstacles, you create space for fresh vitality to flow freely. It’s an invitation to let go of what no longer serves you and embrace a renewed sense of clarity and purpose.

So, whether you’re seeking relief from stress, clarity in decision-making, or a deeper connection to your inner wisdom, energy clearing offers a pathway to holistic well-being. Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? The invitation awaits, and the possibilities are endless.

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What People Are Saying

Chris – I found my happy-go-lucky positive self!

“I was feeling very down I wasn’t happy about anything. Even though I knew I had many things to be happy and grateful for. I came in looking for my old self, that happy-go-lucky positive guy. I just wanted to find my old happy self. With these sessions, I found that guy again. I can now see there is light at the end of the tunnel. There’s even more than I thought I had. There’s something to reach for, and there’s more than I ever thought to be happy about.

At first, I was skeptical. The first session was more like a baptism by fire! From there the sessions smoothed out and we’re easier. I am realizing things that I knew were there, and now I’m actually bringing my thoughts to fruition. The program is wonderful. I highly recommend this to others.”

Caroline – I reclaimed my body and my life.

“I came to hypnosis because I had become aware of the fact that I was not alone in my body.  There were other souls with me and I wanted to reclaim my body and my life and help the other entities move on. I have been able to reclaim my body. Actually, it has gotten the point that I feel that I can even help the entities transition in between my sessions.

Working with Lois was a safe environment to let whatever needed to come up come up. I feel like I learned a lot about myself and how to protect my own space.”

Patricia – This is a miracle. I am happy and FREE!

“I needed to get rid of the Junk in my head. I was unhappy, felt stuck, and miserable. Just did not know where to go or how to get there. Now, there’s no more junk in my head! I feel FREE! I am happy. I feel capable of making decisions. I have choices and am free to be able to make those choices. The sessions were very easy. I was a little apprehensive at first, I didn’t know what to expect. Lois made me feel so comfortable. The environment is so warm and inviting. I feel happy, lighter, and free. FREE!

This past weekend I was at my parents’ home, which would usually be a very heated experience. Suddenly, I felt free from their burden. They did not irritate me anymore. And I thought to myself that this was a miracle. I cannot believe I feel this way. I cannot believe that I can be in their presence without feeling anger or resentment. I thought to myself this is a true miracle. My life is coming together. I highly recommend this to others. Absolutely! Definitely! Thank you for giving me my life back. This was awesome. Thank you so much.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Energy Clearing & Alignment

What is Energy Clearing & Alignment?

Our existence is a delicate balance of body, mind, and spirit. Our physical body propels us through life, our mind navigates our journey, and our spirit serves as the guiding light illuminating our path. However, when one aspect of ourselves falls out of alignment, it reverberates throughout our entire being, affecting our health and well-being in ways we may not always recognize.

Given that we are beings of energy, it’s inevitable that this energy can become stagnant or disrupted by various external influences. Whether stemming from personal challenges, the energies of those around us, or the toxic environments we inhabit, negative energies have a profound impact on our overall health.

Recognizing the importance of restoring energetic balance, our team has meticulously crafted a systematic approach to address all levels of energy within our being. Through our Energy Clearing & Alignment (ECA) sessions, we clear blockages and align the chakra system to promote optimal health and well-being.

By starting with energy clearing and integrating the ECA approach into all our sessions, we’ve witnessed remarkable results for our clients. Our holistic approach addresses physical and mental aspects of wellness while also assisting the spiritual and energetic components, providing a comprehensive foundation for lasting health and vitality.

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Why do I need an Initial Clearing session?

You need an initial clearing session to kickstart your journey towards a calmer mind, healthier life, and easier attainment of your goals. Our team’s experience shows that this starter session leads to remarkable, reliable, and powerful shifts, paving the way for greater self-awareness. During the 2-hour session, we conduct a comprehensive intake and begin the process of identifying, clearing, and shifting unwanted energy with our expert team. Subsequent sessions focus on teaching you techniques to maintain positive energy.

Over the years, we’ve found that energy clearing significantly enhances results. Our skilled team efficiently and effectively clears your energy, leading to tremendous benefits. In fact, in one Tandem Session together, we clear more energy than clients can achieve independently over multiple sessions.

For enhanced results and optimal pricing, we encourage you to consider one of our ECA Foundation or Empowerment Programs. These programs offer comprehensive support and guidance on your journey toward holistic wellness.

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Should I start with an ECA Foundation Program?

Our signature ECA Clearing Programs help release what is holding you back, create balance in all aspects of your being, and empower your path to success. These energy-focused sessions boost your energy, reset your mindset, empower healthy choices, and refine your spiritual connections.

The ECA Foundation Program includes the initial Starter Session with a follow-up Tandem session usually a week later. With this process, we verify that your energy is clear and you are using new skills to maintain healthy vitality and well-being. You receive a lower rate for the combined grouping of sessions.

Imagine stepping into a warm, inviting sanctuary of healing energy, where each session fills you with renewed vigor and each step brings you closer to alignment with your true essence. This is the gift of ECA energy clearing – a journey of self-discovery and empowerment that allows you to tap into the boundless reservoir of vitality that lies within.

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What if I want to schedule a Hypnosis or Reiki session?

If you’re interested in scheduling a Hypnosis or Reiki session, we encourage you to complete either the Initial Clearing or an ECA Foundation Program first. Once you’ve done so, you’re welcome to book any of our specialized sessions in Hypnosis, Energy Clearing, or Distance Reiki to further support your journey toward holistic wellness.

If you are a former client and have completed one of our Foundation Programs, you’re welcome to schedule Hypnosis, Reiki, or Tandem Clearing sessions directly. However, if your sessions were prior to 2022, we kindly request that you schedule an Initial ECA Clearing Session before booking other sessions. This ensures your energy is clear and sets you up for success in subsequent sessions.

For enhanced results and optimal pricing, we encourage you to consider one of our ECA Foundation or Empowerment Programs. These programs offer comprehensive support and guidance on your journey toward holistic wellness.

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What is the difference between the Foundation and Foundation Plus Programs?

The difference between the Foundation and Foundation Plus Programs lies in the additional benefits offered by the Foundation Plus Program. In the Foundation Plus Program, you’ll receive a Hypnosis Session aimed at resetting your mindset.

Additionally, you’ll gain access to a bonus program valued at $222.00: the 8-hour LEIT – Lightworker Energy Integrity Training. This self-directed modular training equips you with tools to maintain clear and protected energy. Individually, the sessions included in the Foundation Plus Program would amount to over $1,111.00, making it a comprehensive and cost-effective option for enhancing your wellness journey.

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How many sessions will it take to achieve my goal?

The number of sessions required to achieve your goal varies depending on individual needs and circumstances. That’s why we begin with an ECA Foundation Program, which includes a thorough history review and an initial energy assessment during a 2-hour session. Our goal is to ensure you see results, which is why we customize a program specifically for you.

Most adults experience remarkable progress within 4-7 sessions. Children typically require fewer sessions due to carrying less emotional baggage. Clients who are struggling financially often benefit from our discounted Sponsorship Program rates.

For goals such as extreme stress or weight shifting, we recommend regular monthly sessions over time. Maintaining positive focus with hypnosis is not a quick fix but rather a tool for building new mental pathways. Just like building physical muscles with a personal trainer, it takes consistent effort and time to see lasting results.

The duration of your journey also depends on the specific areas you’re targeting. While some clients may achieve their goals quickly, others may require more time. Regardless, our dedicated team is passionate about helping you succeed, working together to realign your mind, body, emotions, and spirit at a pace that suits you, often at the speed of light!

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What kind of results do your clients experience?

Our clients experience a wide range of positive results from our innovative ECA sessions. Here are some of the outcomes they often report:

  1. Increased Clarity and Mental Focus: Clients often experience a quieter mind and heightened focus after our sessions, allowing them to make decisions with greater clarity and confidence.
  2. Enhanced Emotional Well-being: Our sessions help clients release negative emotions and patterns, leading to a greater sense of peace, happiness, and emotional balance.
  3. Improved Physical Health: Many clients notice improvements in their physical health, such as reduced stress levels, better sleep quality, and increased energy levels.
  4. Strengthened Spiritual Connection: Clients often feel more connected to their inner wisdom and higher sources of guidance, leading to a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment.
  5. Empowerment and Self-Care Skills: Our sessions empower clients to take charge of their own energy and well-being through self-care practices and daily spiritual hygiene routines.

It’s important to note that our sessions complement traditional medical care, and we encourage clients to work concurrently with their primary caregivers for any diagnosed medical conditions. Overall, our goal is to provide our clients with the tools and support they need to thrive on all levels of their being.

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What is a Tandem Clearing Session?

A Tandem Clearing Session is a collaborative energy-clearing experience where our expert team works alongside you to read and clear your energy field. Through our trained intuition and connection with angelic beings and spiritual Masters, we identify and remove any toxic or interfering energies present in your auric field.

During the session, we address various aspects such as clearing toxic elements, assisting lost spirits in transitioning to healing realms, deactivating implants, and addressing more intrusive entities or curses if present. Once the challenging energies are cleared, we focus on realigning and balancing your auric energy field using positive healing energy.

Throughout the process, we encourage your active participation via Zoom, ensuring a kind, gentle, and comforting experience. The session results in remarkable energy shifts, promoting a sense of health, peace, and lasting well-being in your life.

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What is the ECA Remote Session?

The ECA Remote Session is a service where our expert team clears your energy remotely, without your direct involvement. Using our intuitive abilities, we assess and clear your auric field on your behalf. After the clearing session, we provide you with feedback on what was discovered and offer guidance on how to maintain your energetic protection.

Prior to scheduling a Remote Clearing, you must have completed the ECA Foundation Program. This ensures that your energy has been cleared and allows us to become familiar with your energy patterns.

For those seeking regular clearings, our ECA Empowerment Program offers a cost-effective solution. This program provides ongoing support and benefits to help you maintain optimal energetic balance and well-being.

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What do you recommend for maintenance?

After clearing negative energy and experiencing the uplifting effects of positive vibrational frequencies, it’s important to maintain and enhance your energetic well-being. Here’s what we recommend for maintenance:

  1. Establish Healthy Energy Practices: We guide you in establishing healthy energy practices to keep your vision clear, your energy strong, and your mindset positive. These practices may include meditation, grounding exercises, and visualization techniques.
  2. Practice Daily Spiritual Hygiene: Engage in daily spiritual hygiene routines to keep yourself strong, healthy, and empowered. This may involve energetic clearing rituals, such as smudging or aura cleansing, as well as setting intentions for the day.
  3. Learn Energetic Maintenance Techniques: We teach you techniques to maintain positive energy and protect yourself from external influences. This includes learning how to shield yourself energetically and setting boundaries with others.
  4. Study the Lightworker Energy Integrity Training. This LEIT program is included with both the ECA Foundation Plus and Empowerment Programs. In this 8-module training, we share our best practices to help you stay protected and maintain strong, healthy energy.

By incorporating these practices into your daily life, you can continue to nurture and support your energetic well-being, fostering a sense of peace, lightness, and inner calm. As facilitators in your healing journey, we encourage you to embrace these techniques and empower yourself to maintain clear and protected energy.

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What is included in your ECA Empowerment Program?

We offer a wealth of specialized Energy Clearing, Hypnosis, and Distance Reiki sessions to assist your wellness journey. Our ECA Empowerment Program is designed to provide ongoing support and empowerment for individuals who have experienced intense or prolonged distress. Here’s what the program includes:

  1. Tailored Additional Sessions: If you’re grappling with long-term issues or disturbances affecting your home, office, or family members, our additional ECA sessions are specifically designed to address these challenges.
  2. Reasonable Rate for Multiple Sessions: While our Foundation Programs are highly effective, many clients find value in additional sessions to complete their journey toward wholeness. The ECA Empowerment Program offers multiple sessions at a discounted rate to support your ongoing energetic needs.
  3. Variety of ECA Sessions: Once you’ve completed our ECA Foundation Program, you have the flexibility to choose from a variety of individual ECA Sessions to continue your self-care journey. These sessions are tailored to clear lingering imprints, remove emotional patterns, and reset your mindset for lasting health and wellness.
  4. Customized Combination of Sessions: You can create your own unique combination of energy-enhancing sessions, including Hypnosis, Tandem Clearing, Remote Clearing, or Distance Reiki, to address your specific needs and goals.
  5. Base Rate of $888 for 5 Sessions: With the ECA Empowerment Program, you’ll receive five ECA sessions at a base rate of $888. This investment in your self-care establishes the critical foundation necessary for ongoing success, personal development, and self-empowerment.

Enhance your spiritual fitness, achieve your personal goals, and sustain holistic wellness with our proven combination of sessions in the ECA Empowerment Program.

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Where do I find the pricing for your sessions and programs?

You can easily access information about our sessions and programs, including pricing details, on the Contact page of our website. Additionally, a comprehensive overview of our offerings and pricing comparisons are on the ECA page.

We understand that financial challenges may arise, which is why we offer Sponsorship Programs to ensure our services remain accessible to all who are genuinely committed to their well-being.

Ultimately, the most important question is: Are you ready to take the next step towards your personal growth and transformation? If so, we’re here to support you on your journey.

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What is the cost for your Sessions and Programs?

The cost of our sessions varies based on individual needs and the specific program recommended for you. Here’s an overview of our pricing structure:

All clients begin with an ECA Foundation Program, which includes a comprehensive intake session along with an initial energy-clearing session. Depending on your needs, this may be followed by additional clearing or hypnosis sessions as recommended during the initial session.

To secure your program, you can make an online deposit and pay the balance on the day of your second session. Additionally, we accept flex spending and HSA cards for hypnosis sessions, providing flexibility in payment options. For those experiencing financial hardships but genuinely committed to improving their lives, we offer Sponsorship Programs to make our services more accessible.

Our pricing is tailored to provide fair and transparent options for individuals seeking our support on their journey towards holistic well-being. Please reach out to us for more specific pricing information based on your needs and goals.

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Does insurance cover your ECA services?

While some employers may offer FLEX plans that cover hypnosis-based programs for stress, weight loss, or smoking cessation, coverage can vary widely. Additionally, Health Savings Account (HSA) plans may also be utilized for our services.

We advise you to check with your insurance provider to determine if our services are covered under your specific plan. They can provide you with the most accurate information regarding coverage options and any potential reimbursement for our services.

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Who is involved in the sessions?

Our experienced ECA team members serve as spiritual trainers, guiding you through energy clearing, emotional wellness, and spiritual empowerment. They possess the ability to recognize and address energy disruptions in your auric field, working to restore balance on all levels of your being. In your session, you’ll be supported by our dedicated Energy Clearing & Alignment Team, consisting of several key roles:

  1. Navigators: These highly trained individuals manage the session journey, asking relevant questions, and maintaining focus on your energy needs. You’ll directly connect with them throughout your programs, ensuring a smooth and guided experience.
  2. Communicators: Gifted with intuitive abilities, our Communicators excel at connecting with energies in the unseen dimensions. They play a crucial role in identifying and addressing energy disturbances while facilitating communication with unseen entities or energies.
  3. Protectors: In sessions where dark energies may be encountered, Protectors hold a space of positive energy, allowing the team to effectively communicate and address any challenges that arise during the session.

Together, our team works collaboratively to evaluate your energy, identify disruptive influences, and gently release any blockages or negativity that may be impacting your life. We approach each session with care, compassion, and expertise, ensuring that you receive the support and guidance needed to realign your energy and achieve balance.

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Are your services confidential?

Yes, confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. As medical professionals, we adhere to HIPAA regulations, ensuring that your privacy is protected at all times. Rest assured that your sessions and personal information are kept strictly confidential.

We understand that confidentiality is crucial for our clients, and nobody will know that you’re a client unless you choose to disclose it. However, we encourage you to share your positive experiences with our programs if you feel inclined to do so. Many of our clients find our services effective and motivating, and sharing your experience may benefit others who could benefit from our support.

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Do you work with children?

Yes, we absolutely work with children of all ages. We recognize that children, including teenagers, can be particularly sensitive to emotional energies, especially in their school environments. Therefore, we offer energy-clearing and hypnosis sessions tailored to their unique needs and experiences.

Teenagers often embrace these sessions wholeheartedly and experience excellent results, finding relief from stress, anxiety, and other emotional challenges.

For younger children, mothers or caring family members are welcome to be present during sessions, either as surrogates for the child or simply to provide support and reassurance.

Our goal is to create a safe and nurturing environment where children can explore and address their energy and emotional needs, leading to greater well-being and resilience.

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Why do you focus so much on spirits?

We focus on spirits because they can often play a significant role in various aspects of our lives, including stress, habits, and behaviors. These unseen energies can influence our well-being in subtle yet profound ways. Our energy-clearing sessions are designed to address not only physical and mental aspects but also spiritual connections, ensuring a holistic approach to healing and empowerment.

If you’re experiencing discomfort or sensing a presence around you, it could be attributed to the energy of a spirit. Often referred to as ghosts, these spirits may have various reasons for being present among the living.

Through decades of specialized research and techniques, our team is adept at identifying and assisting lost spirits, guiding them toward healing and resolution. Working alongside Archangels and Master Guides, we discern the nature of these spirits and facilitate their transition to a healing realm. This process not only benefits the spirit but also leads to a positive shift in your own energy, fostering feelings of peace, calm, and clarity.

By addressing spiritual components, we empower you to embrace holistic well-being on all levels.

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Can I communicate with a passed-over loved one?

If you’re seeking to communicate with a passed-over loved one or a special Guide, we honor and support your desire for spiritual connection. Many clients specifically request this type of communication, recognizing the profound comfort and guidance it can provide.

Additionally, some individuals, particularly sensitive lightworkers, may sense energy disturbances and request our assistance in clearing spirits around them. These clients understand the importance of maintaining energetic integrity and seek our expertise in resolving spiritual interferences.

Interestingly, there are also cases where clients may not initially recognize the presence of spirits, yet when one emerges during our sessions, everything falls into place, offering newfound clarity and understanding.

Regardless of your level of awareness or specific request, our team is here to facilitate meaningful spiritual connections, clear energy disturbances, and support your journey toward holistic well-being.

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Can you help Lightworkers to be clear and protected?

Yes, we specialize in assisting Lightworkers to become clear and protected, empowering them to fulfill their spiritual missions with confidence and clarity. Whether you’re feeling stuck or blocked from achieving your goals, experiencing disruptions in connecting with higher wisdom, or encountering doubts and distractions as a star seed, our team is here to support you.

We help clear your energy, remove barriers to success, and facilitate reconnection with your wise Guides for consistent guidance. Additionally, for star seeds feeling the pull of their purpose but facing challenges along the way, we work to clear the path to freedom, help you discover your purpose, and strengthen your connection with your star family.

By addressing these challenges and providing energetic support, we empower Lightworkers to step into their power, align with their missions, and navigate their spiritual journeys with resilience and clarity.

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Do you do house clearings?

Yes, our team does offer house clearings as part of our services. House clearings are typically included in the second Tandem Session of the ECA Foundation Plus Program. During these sessions, our team works together remotely, guided by our Divine Guides, to effectively clear any negative energies present in the space.

Our house clearings involve various techniques to address different aspects, such as clearing spirits, closing vortexes, and banishing negative entities. By working collaboratively with our clients and our spiritual guides, we aim to create a harmonious and energetically balanced environment in the home.

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An Interview with Lois Hermann – Bringing Light to Energy Clearing & Alignment

Energy clearing and alignment work often remains unexplored or unspoken, posing a hurdle to overcome. In Western culture, conversations about spiritual practices or releasing negative energy are rare, unlike in Eastern cultures where it’s embraced as a regular practice. As humans, we encompass body, mind, and spirit, yet our healthcare system tends to focus solely on the wellness of the body and mind, overlooking the crucial spiritual aspect.

However, spiritual activity, along with positive and negative energy, surrounds us all, though many may sense it without understanding its nature or feeling apprehensive about it.

When discussing these concepts with clients, while some find it challenging to grasp initially, many experience relief upon learning about it and discovering that it can be released. Moreover, they find comfort in understanding how to protect themselves from further spiritual intrusions. This is especially vital for individuals coping with illness or stress, as negative energy can exacerbate their struggles, acting as a magnet for those with weakened immune systems, further burdening them. It’s common for clients to feel an immediate sense of lightness and relief after our sessions, although understanding these spiritual concepts can be a journey in itself.

The spiritual realm is vast and omnipresent, influencing us daily, both positively and negatively. At first glance, some individuals may wonder if our work involves dealings with the devil or demons. Contrary to this misconception, our focus lies strongly within the angelic realm. We collaborate with Archangels, Angels, Spiritual Guides, and Light Beings to transmute negative energy into positive vibrations.

Our sessions are uplifting and nurturing experiences, relieving individuals of physical and mental burdens they may not have even realized were weighing them down. Connecting people with their inner wisdom, guardian angels, or any powerful beings in alignment with their spiritual or religious beliefs is profoundly rewarding.

Use the power of your mind, body, and spirit to make the changes needed to accomplish your goals. If self-sabotaging behavior is creating difficulty in your life… you can let go of those old patterns and embrace positive change. Like the anti-virus for the mind, our hypnosis and energy programs help you to remove self-limiting beliefs and teach you to reprogram yourself for optimal health, wealth, and happiness.

Are YOU ready to use the power of positive energy to embrace life’s changes, achieve your goals, and truly enjoy your life?

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