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Free yourself of self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk to achieve a calm, focused, and peaceful mind.


Release self-sabotaging behaviors and embrace the potential for health and wellness that is alive in you.


Clear negative energies that may be holding you back and establish strong connections with your spiritual self.

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Chronicles of Hope: The Collective

#1 Best Seller International


Chronicles of Hope: The Collective: Book 2 shares channeled messages from a Collective of wise spirits of the unseen world who teach us how to raise our vibrational rate, shifting our energy to be more positive – to heal ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world. In this timely compilation of ageless wisdom, we hear from an ancient God, a beloved prophet, a little known Goddess, a misunderstood Archangel, the Spirit of the Universe, and the Spirit of the Earth, our Mother Gaia. These spiritual beings are concerned humanity will soon be its own undoing. If we listen, however, they are ever-willing to assist us in saving this precious planet and the life that lives in, on, and around her.

Chronicles of Hope: The Anquietas


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Our online Inspiring Hope Community is a safe place to inspire each other with ways to apply the messages of the Ancient Ones and others of the Collective in Chronicles of Hope. You are invited to sit back and listen or participate in a lively discussion as we review the Highlights of the book and other spiritual concepts with author, Lois Hermann.

Check out the Inspiring Hope Community here.

Our Associates


 Lois Hermann

Lois Hermann

Founder & Managing Director


A Board Certified Hypnotist & Success Coach, Lois is passionate about helping people achieve their goals. Also, a Certified Hypnosis Instructor through the National Guild of Hypnotists, Certified Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) and a Reiki-Master Teacher, Lois has extensive experience and training in advanced hypnosis and NLP techniques.

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Denise McCalvey

Denise McCalvey

Hypnotist & Clearing Consultant


Denise joined Lois's team as a Certified Hypnotist and finds the profession fascinating. Having been a client of Lois's for several years, Denise has witnessed many wonderful transformations in her life. She has developed unique gifts that allow her to assist with remote clearings and energy balancing. She truly believes in the power of success through hypnosis.


Christine Snyder

Christine Snyder

Marketing & PR


Christine came to support Lois through her gratitude for her now 16-year old daughter’s complete recovery from debilitating mental illness caused by Lyme Disease and Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Strep (PANDAS). Her marketing efforts aim to help others understand how Lois’ unique hypnosis techniques tap into the subconscious mind to gain wellness. You can read Christine's daughter's blog documenting her journey to wellness HERE. Christine’s nearly 30-year career began in corporate marketing for various high tech companies, spending the last 15+ years working on the public relations agency side. Reach her at [email protected].


Kathleen Kubacki

Kathleen Kubacki

Certified Hypnotist, Akashic Records and Energy Clearing Professional


Kathy comes to our team by way of the National Guild of Hypnotists. So fascinated by Lois's presentation on energy clearing, she decided to become an Energy Clearing & Alignment professional. With a background in massage therapy, Kathy currently works as a Transpersonal Hypnotist, Akashic Record Professional, and Energy Clearing Consultant. She is a Reverend, ordained through the Order of Melchizedek.

Kathy also shares her gift of nature photography and her talent for creating amazing crystal jewelry. We are delighted to have her as an important part of our team. You can reach Kathy at [email protected]

What People Say

“The process was fantastic, I felt very comfortable and relaxed. Lois offers a great mix of hypnosis work and professional coaching.”

Jeremy F

Regional Sales Manager

“With Lois’s coaching I became a more confident speaker and my business increased tremendously. I now have more confidence in myself and a much lower stress level. I love the sessions and schedule regular tune-ups!”

Kelli K

Interior Decorator

“I found myself constantly distracted and needed help with focus in my new business venture. As a guy and computer geek, I was hesitant at first. Yet, discovered that Lois is a lot like the “Anti-virus for the mind!” She helped me figure out ways to reboot my old self-talk and reprogram my mind for success. I was amazed and impressed with the results.”

Jon D

Web Developer

Insights Blog

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The Spiritualist Church of Love and Light

The Spiritualist Church of Love and Light

On Sunday, November 7, 2021, our Speaker will be Lois Hermann. Lois Hermann is a catalyst for positive change. A Board-Certified Hypnotist, energy clearing expert, and multi-registered medical professional, she has decades of expertise in spiritually-based energy...

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