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Enjoy this Collection of Valuable Resources and Inspiring Programs to help You Be Successful and Achieve Your Goals.

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Professional Success

Watch this 7-part webinar series to learn organizational skills, develop incredible confidence, improve communication, achieve goals, manifest success, and more.

Stressful to Successful

Listen to this audio program to relax your mind, reduce your stress, enhance your focus, and become your best self as you achieve success.

Incredible Confidence

Listen to this audio program that takes you on an insightful journey to gain a greater sense of self-worth, promote self-confidence, and increase personal satisfaction.


Alkalized Water

Drink purified, alkalized water to improve hydration, boost metabolism, neutralize acidity, increase absorption, and balance the energy throughout your vital organs.

Think Yourself Thin

Listen to this audio program with images and affirmations to keep your body healthy, your mind clear, and your attitude upbeat as you shed unwanted pounds.

Release the Pain

Listen to this audio program with powerful relaxation techniques to lessen, reduce, and release any pain or discomfort.

Centering Exercise

Enjoy this video to create a peaceful mind, relaxed body, and centered spirit as you shift the energy of your day, or drift off to a night of deep, restful sleep.


Transend, Transmute, and Transform Toxic Exposure

(Superceded by Lightworker Energy Integrity Program)

Watch this webinar series to discover techniques to shift your life-force energy from the toxic exposure in our world and enjoy an insightful journey to 5D Consciousness.

Chronicles of Hope

Chronicles of Hope trilogy shares channeled messages from spiritual beings of the Collective who express concern that humanity is facing the next great apocalypse. They give insights to shift the energy of our world to the positive before it is too late.

Spirits of Amoskeag

Read this incredible story of spirits who were considered disposable and wanted their story told. The tragic Great Unspeakable took place in the 1800s Manchester mill-yard where children were injured working on huge hydro-powered machines.


What People Are Saying

“I have attended several of Lois Hermann’s professional development seminars and really enjoy them. She shares very useful tips and techniques that help us in our everyday world. In addition, while participating in one of her five minute exercises on communication, I learned more about a co-worker that I have worked with for over twenty years than I ever knew before. Her Professional Success seminars are both powerful and fun!”
Melissa M.

Medical Director - Boston, MA

“I was feeling a lot of stress and anxiety, with low confidence in the work place. I had a lot of issues going on with my life at the time. I accomplished a lot of goals in several sessions. The added benefit of the Incredible Confidence Mp3 was extremely helpful. My confidence is doing very well, most of my anxiety is completely gone, sleeping is improved, and I am doing a lot better at work as well.

I really liked the sessions. They were very calming and soothing. I would definitely recommend these sessions to others who are looking for help with all kinds of different things. I recommend Lois to anyone with any kind of issues going on.”

Michael M.

Independant Sales Distributor - NH

“The Release the Pain CD was fantastic for pain management. I recently had to have oral surgery. I used the CD for excruciating agonizing pain while I was waiting for the surgery. When I went for my pre-admission care they could not reconcile the Improvement that happened in one day from the x-rays to the time treatment was to be rendered. I personally believe with full conviction that it was due to the ability to use the self-hypnosis techniques that I learned from your CD. It was also extremely financially helpful because I avoided a huge expense from a more invasive surgery and it was definitely physically helpful because I’m in far less pain, and I avoided a very invasive surgery that would have been required.

Then I used it afterwards because I didn’t want to use the heavy-duty pain medication that they gave me. It was going to take 2 weeks to recover, and I didn’t take the meds at all. I got along fine with ibuprofen and your CD. This was a huge miracle and a huge testament to all that you do. Thank you!”

Maria W.

Communiatiions Consultant - NH

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