Juuva Water & Energy

Juuva offers water and energy products that enhance our body’s natural ability to heal. 

I’ve Personally Used These Products for Years

Alkalized water improves hydration, metabolism, and balance. It neutralizes acidity and hydrates cells while assisting with the absorption of nutrients, distribution of energy, and excretion of toxins, all of which promote balanced energy throughout the vital organs.

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What People Say

“I’ve always thought that water tasted weird and was concerned with chemicals so I never really drank enough. After using the Energy Pitcher by Juuva I noticed how clean the water tasted and how hydrated it made me feel. Since I’ve been drinking Juuva water, no other water can compare.

I use the TruSilver liquid as a daily preventative measure to fight off viruses and bacteria. Using it as a nasal spray is very effective for allergies and pollen. TruSilver is a household immunity staple with so many uses.”

Michael McEleney

Health Coach, Amherst, NH

“I was always a water snob and even used to buy the more expensive bottled brands. I decided to test the alkalinity of several types of water and found the water from Juuva’s Energy Pitcher had a higher alkaline level than most others, and it was more cost-effective. I rarely buy bottled water since purchasing the Juuva pitcher.”

Hannah Curley

Medical Professional, Amherst, NH

“I have been a proponent of alkalized water since I saw a demonstration by Dr. Robert Young in the 90s on how alkalized water helps our bodies resist infection and inflammation from toxic mold, bacteria, germs, or viruses. I believe the alkalized water and other energy products have contributed to keeping me healthy during times of intense toxic exposure. The Juuva water pitcher is convenient and so easy to use that I even take it with me when I travel.”

Lois Hermann

Energy Expert & Spiritual Hypnotist, Nashua, NH

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