Professional Success Video Series


Are you ready to uplevel your business and embrace new tools to enhance your clients’ success in today’s more challenging times? Board-Certified Hypnotist Lois Hermann’s proven and progressive techniques help you and your clients to develop incredible confidence, improve communication skills, readily achieve goals, and manifest the life of your wildest dreams – even now!

This video series empowers you to achieve personal and professional success. If you are ready to make positive changes in your life, watch these seven videos consecutively, as each class builds on the prior one. By practicing the exercises, you develop amazing personal and professional skills to empower you for life! Let me know what you achieve!


This 7-part series includes the following videos:

Goal Setting for Health, Wealth & Happiness

People rarely achieve their goals because they lack real commitment, or have a plan of action. If you want to achieve at least one goal, listen to the advice in this seminar. You will experience some unique goal-setting exercises that combine the power of visualization with mindfulness training. Get some traction in your life as you discover some successful goal setting strategies for health, wealth, and happiness.

Stressful to Successful

If you feel overwhelmed, stressed, drained, or anxious, are you ready for a change? Too much stress destroys your peace of mind, interferes with your thinking, and can actually do harm to your body. Experience some powerful stress busters to help you take control and relax. Learn easy-to-use stress-management techniques to increase your effectiveness, your efficiency, and enhance your enjoyment of life. Reprogram your master computer to take yourself from stressful to successful!

Incredible Confidence

Do you feel awkward in certain situations, or uncomfortable speaking with some people, especially in front of groups?  Whether you are dealing with challenging people in your job or are a student refining your skills, this class will WOW you —as you build incredible confidence. Change the old self-talk. Gain tips and skills to present yourself comfortably as you develop incredible confidence. Take charge of your world!

Powerful Communication Skills

Many people are under pressure to deliver quality service efficiently and would benefit from some powerful communication skills. Interacting with challenging customers, clients, and co-workers adds even more stress. What if you were able to maximize your efforts by knowing some basic rapport building skills that lead to powerful communication? This insightful class will result in more sincere connections, improved outcomes, and increased satisfaction.

Simplify ~ Organize & Manage Your Life

Is your scattered energy causing you delays and missed opportunities? Eliminate thoughts and patterns that are holding you back… procrastination… disorganization… clutter. Discover many tips and tools to help organize yourself and manage your life. Enhance your life, your career, your relationships, your health, and your wealth. Organize your home and work environment and feel the refreshed energy flow.

Strategic Networking Secrets

Are you are missing a golden opportunity to grow your business with minimal investment? Would you like to discover some strategic networking secrets to fill your schedule, with minimal advertising expense? Learn some strategic networking skills and become an expert Networker. Develop tools to connect confidently with others, and fill your schedule with paying clients and customers.

Strive to Thrive – Attract Abundance ~ Live the Life of Your Dreams

Are you finally ready to have the success you wish for in all areas of your life? Learn powerful secrets about the energy of positive attraction and attract abundance into your life. Learn that whatever you focus on in your life, good and bad, will be attracted into it! Use your mind-power to create and live the life of your dreams.