About Lois Hermann & Associates

As spiritual coaches, we empower you to clear energetic blocks and master your journey toward self-actualization.

Our Empowered Mission

Empower your journey with our transformative sessions and programs. Explore tools for holistic growth and self-empowerment across physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic, social, professional, financial, and relational dimensions. Unleash your authentic potential with us.


Our Commitment to Service

Experience our transformative Energy Clearing & Alignment (ECA) Sessions and Programs, where we:

  • Assess and harmonize energy in and around your aura.
  • Guide lost spirits, relatives, or ancestors to peace.
  • Identify and resolve disturbances at their source.
  • Identify and neutralize implants and curses.
  • Shift energy for your loved ones and pets.
  • Elevate your energy for renewed balance.
  • Empower you with protection techniques.
  • Release negative energy and restore positivity.
  • Purify your surroundings, be it land, home, or office.

Join our ECA Light Warrior team on a journey to unlock your potential and contribute to the betterment of our planet. Together, we’ll craft a personalized success plan to break through barriers, achieve wellness goals, and clarify your purpose. Ready to embark on your self-care journey? Let us propel you forward, often at the speed of light!


Our Dedicated Team of Experts

Discover the transformative journey towards energy alignment and empowerment with our dedicated team of Energy Clearing & Alignment Associates. At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to guiding you through the process of releasing negativity and embracing the boundless potential of positivity.

Our team operates with unwavering dedication and compassion, serving as your steadfast allies in identifying and eliminating energy drains that hinder your progress. Through collaborative efforts, we harness the support of powerful Archangels, Masters, and Light Beings to facilitate profound shifts in your energy field.

Guided by skilled Navigators, supported by intuitive Communicators, and protected by vigilant Protectors, our team is dedicated to shifting negative energy and empowering you to embrace the positive.

Experience tandem clearings via Zoom, with opportunities for parental surrogates and close relatives to participate. Join us and unlock your inner radiance today.


Our Transformative Sessions & Programs

Unlock the power of energy to reset your mindset, revitalize your health, and deepen your spiritual connection with our unique offerings.

ECA Foundation Programs lay the groundwork for your healing journey, teaching you to release energy interference and maintain positivity.

With ECA Empower Programs, you have the freedom to select from a variety of sessions tailored to your optimal wellness. Whether it’s ECA Tandem Clearing Sessions, Hypnosis-Coaching Sessions, ECA Distance Reiki Sessions, or ECA Remote Clearing Sessions, each experience is designed to elevate your self-care journey from the comfort of your own home.

Empower yourself today:

  • ECA Tandem Clearing Sessions
  • Hypnosis-Coaching Sessions
  • ECA Distance Reiki Sessions
  • ECA Remote Clearing Sessions

Let us be your personal energy trainers, guiding you toward a life of success, peace, and purpose.

Explore our website for an array of tools to support your empowerment journey. Reach out to us at [email protected] or call 844-777-7812 to start your transformation today. Schedule your Initial ECA Session or an ECA Foundation Program on our Contact Page!

Blessings of Wellness,
Lois Hermann & Team

Our Associates

 Lois Hermann

Lois Hermann

Metaphysical Hypnotist, ECA Founder & Managing Director

Welcome to the world of Lois Hermann, where passion meets purpose and energy aligns with achievement. As a devoted advocate for personal and professional transformation, Lois has honed her craft in Energy Clearing & Alignment, empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and manifest their dreams with clarity and purpose.

At the forefront of her field, Lois has crafted unique Energy Clearing & Alignment techniques, guiding clients on a journey towards greater productivity, inner peace, and fulfillment. Through her pioneering Academy of Light training programs, she not only equips Lightworkers and Holistic Professionals with invaluable skills but also offers sought-after certifications in NLP Essentials and Hypnosis, elevating their impact and influence in the realm of personal development.

A beacon of hope in a world hungry for inspiration, Lois stands as an international best-selling author of Chronicles of Hope, weaving narratives that ignite the spirit and illuminate the path to greatness. With unwavering dedication, she leads her remarkable team, empowering Lightworkers to fulfill their sacred missions and usher in a new era of positivity and possibility.

Dynamic and captivating, Lois amazes audiences with her heartfelt presentations and serves as the radiant host of the Inspiring Hope Show, a platform dedicated to showcasing the brilliance of others. Behind the scenes, she orchestrates with compassion and clarity, embodying authentic leadership and fostering a culture of collaboration and service.

Join Lois Hermann on a transformative journey toward empowerment, enlightenment, and endless possibilities. Together, let’s illuminate the world with hope and purpose.

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Mary Collier Fisher

Mary Collier Fisher

ECA Reiki Master-Teacher & ECA Master Communicator

Step into the realm of healing with Mary, an extraordinary soul who has dedicated over three decades to mastering the art of Reiki. Mary breathes life into the ancient practice of Usui Reiki. For her, Reiki isn’t just a technique—it’s a profound calling, a conduit through which she channels the boundless healing power of love.

Mary’s journey is guided by a profound mission: to empower individuals to become the architects of their own healing. Through her intuitive gifts and unwavering connection to the divine, she helps her clients break free from the shackles of pain and embrace the limitless potential of self-healing. It’s a journey illuminated by the radiant presence of Archangel Raphael, with whom Mary shares a deep and sacred bond.

As an ECA Master Communicator, Mary’s sessions are more than just healing—they’re transformative experiences infused with serenity and tranquility. With her gentle demeanor and boundless compassion, Mary creates a safe space where hearts can open, wounds can heal, and souls can soar.

But Mary’s magic doesn’t stop there. Drawing upon the ancient wisdom of crystals and the nurturing energy of Mother Earth, she weaves together a tapestry of healing that transcends the physical realm. Whether it’s crafting exquisite jewelry or tending to her beloved garden, Mary’s connection to nature infuses every aspect of her being with vibrancy and vitality.

Mary also lends her keen eye and meticulous attention to detail as one of our invaluable editors. Her wisdom guiding our team reminds us of the power of authenticity and the beauty of true collaboration. In Mary, we find a colleague, a cherished mentor, a compassionate guide, and a beacon of light in our journey toward wholeness. We are endlessly grateful to have her radiant presence gracing our team, illuminating our path with love, wisdom, and boundless healing energy.

Watch: The Miracle of ECA Reiki with Mary Fisher
Enjoy: Sacred Space with Mary Fisher
After the Initial Clearing, schedule: Distance Reiki Session
Email: [email protected]

Sharon Hoffman

Sharon Hoffman

Personal Trainer, ECA Clearing Consultant

Sharon has been a true delight to work with and a treasured new addition to our ECA team! Although a recent graduate of the ECA Training as a Master of Light, she has demonstrated phenomenal insight as a Communicator with the spiritual world.

Sharon has been an enthusiast for the messages of hope and has taken it upon herself to create TikTok shorts to share the divinely inspired messages from Team Hope and the Chronicles of Hope books.

A multi-faceted powerhouse, Sharon has been a personal trainer since 2009 with a focus on holistic health and natural remedies. She is co-owner of Urban Pump, LLC with her husband, Gregg Hoffman. Sharon has expanded her holistic-focused talents to develop homemade teas and healthy treats that help with healing and boosting the immune system.

I am ever in awe of her gentle personality, her honest authenticity, and her dedication to making a difference in our world. We are excited and delighted to welcome Sharon to our ECA team.

Read: Spot-Light on Sharon Hoffman – Master of Light
Watch: Iron and Light with Guest Sharon Hoffman
Contact: [email protected]

Scott Masciarelli

Scott Masciarelli

Executive Coach, ECA Clearing Consultant

We are honored to have Scott answer the call to join our team. A powerful Executive Coach, he has been guided to become involved as a valued member of our ECA team. Scott brings a gentle cohesiveness to our sessions, with a grounded, sensible awareness of the metaphysical work we do. Having started the ECA training over a year ago, Scott has been instrumental in assisting with the redevelopment of the old training program, helping to develop the new 5-Level ECA Academy of Light programs that we implemented this year. Watch for upcoming training opportunities from Scott as he brings his coaching hat to our team. Welcome aboard Scott!

Scott is a Master Certified Leadership and Business Coach, Intuitive Energy Clearer, podcaster, and twin flame grid worker. Scott has guided hundreds of clients to create and sustain success by showing them how to align their strengths with their most authentic selves. This allows them to answer the question, “What’s next?” in their career, business, and life; achieving success on their terms. His diverse experience and expertise in domestic and international leadership creates a dynamic learning environment.

Read: Spotlight on Scott Masciarelli – Master of Light / Leadership Coach
Watch: Clear Insights on Soul Connections with Scott Masciarelli
Enjoy: Sacred Space by Scott
Contact: [email protected]

Leslie Slauson

Leslie Slauson

Physical Therapist, ECA Clearing Consultant

Leslie, a Master of Light Certification holder from Lois Hermann & Associates, brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to our team. With twenty-six years as a licensed Physical Therapy practitioner, her journey into healing extends beyond the physical realm.

As a military wife for twenty-two years, Leslie’s life has been a tapestry of diverse cultures and languages, instilling in her a deep appreciation for our shared humanity amidst our differences.

Her spiritual awakening in 2017, through assisting a master energy healer, opened her heart to the profound healing power of love and grace within us all. Believing in the divine nature of healing, Leslie emphasizes the importance of asking for assistance and embracing the spiritual gifts we each possess.

With her nurturing and insightful demeanor, Leslie radiates a playful free spirit energy, bringing light and love to our team and the world. Welcome, Leslie, to our ECA family. Choose love, always—it’s the most powerful thing we do.


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Watch: Maui – Light Warrior Rescue Discussion with Nick & Dylan, Leslie & Glenna 
Enjoy: Leslie’s Wise Words
Contact: [email protected]

Tricia Dyer

Tricia Dyer

ECA Clearing Consultant / Beacon of Light and Love

Meet Tricia, a shining example of dedication and faith. Certified as an ECA Master of Light, her journey is marked by resilience, spiritual awakening, and a profound commitment to service.

Beyond her roles as a devoted wife and mother, Tricia’s life transformed in 2019 when she surrendered to God, igniting a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

With a strong foundation in church and unwavering faith in Jesus, Tricia discovered her calling as a prayer warrior, pledging herself to serve God and humanity. Guided by divine providence, she found healing and preparedness for the road ahead under Lois Herman’s mentorship.

Now, a cherished member of our ECA team, Tricia’s mission is clear: to awaken the gifts within fellow lightworkers and star seeds, empowering them to heal humanity. With her radiant light and boundless love, Tricia is a true asset to our team of Light Warriors, grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside God every day. We are blessed and grateful to have her among us, illuminating the path for others to follow.

Read: Flow – by Tricia Dyer
Watch: Interdimensional Interference with Alan Fountain, Sharon Hoffman, Tricia Dyer
Ghost Busters with Scott, Melanie, Sharon, Tricia, and Mary
Enjoy: Sacred Space by Tricia
Contact: [email protected]

Melanie Chiu

Melanie Chiu

ECA Clearing Consultant

Melanie has served her family and community for almost forty years as a mother, wife, sister, real estate agent, and now a grandmother and Energy Clearing Master.

Melanie’s passion is to assist clients, family, friends, pets, acquaintances, homes, offices, and the earth with energy clearing of all kinds. These energies can be negative, draining, hindering, blocking, nefarious, ancestral, loved ones who passed, devices, curses, etc. Those who work with Melanie for energy clearing often see, feel, sense, or know from either their spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, or psychological being that there’s an unexplainable source around them, affecting them. They welcome assistance to clear this draining energy.

Melanie enjoys, helping clients with energy clearing, raising the frequency and vibration for those who seek to do so in love. We so enjoy Melanie’s passion for helping this world in a big way. She is an energetic inspiration for everyone who experiences her enigmatic positive energy. We are excited to welcome Melanie to our ECA team.

Watch: Sharing Hope for Humanity – Inspiring Hope
Enjoy: Melanie Sets Sacred Space
Contact: [email protected].


Join the Community

“What if I told you that just below the surface of your awareness lay the answers to some of your most difficult obstacles? You know, those stubborn barriers to your success. Ever had the feeling that you hold the key to unlock your greatest potential, yet it is just outside of your own reach? I found my key when I worked with Lois Hermann. She guided me into a relaxed state where I easily accessed an entire arena of solutions: I let go of past frustrations. I saw my new career direction clearly defined. I even manifested the money I needed to launch my new business. Today I have the tools I need to access my inner wisdom, and use the techniques Lois taught me. I now know how to get out of my own way, and co-create a profitable business.”
Janet W.

Wellness Entrepeneur

“These sessions have changed my life! I was depressed, couldn’t sleep and was completely stuck! Now… I am a different person! My creativity is back, there is not enough time in the day for all the exciting things I am doing. I used to know every show and infomercial that played all night. It’s insane. I now sleep completely through the night! I am not tired during the day and don’t take the naps I used to. This has been AWESOME! I just want to stay this way.”
Ellen O.

Domestic Engineer

“I was seeking a way to become ‘unstuck’. I wanted to free myself from the emotional roller coaster that comes with the small successes and big challenges of being an entrepreneur, doing it alone. With the sessions, I feel that I released some emotional baggage that likely sabotaged my progress during challenging moments. I have a renewed sense that what I do has value, and that there is a consumer base for it. Lois is terrific; a great listener, and a skilled guide. I looked forward to every session. I certainly recommend this to others. Everyone needs someone at some time, to help them get past blockades that they might not even realize they’ve constructed through their lifetime, but are affecting their today.”
Bonnie S.


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