Who do you know that has experienced a ghost? Whether they saw, felt, or heard something paranormal, ghosts or spirits are all around us in the unseen world. These are usually people or animals that were not at peace when they died. From mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual upset, these lost souls wander the unseen 4th dimension looking for a light or an energy source. Oftentimes, they latch on to a relative, a kind caregiver, or a familiar face. These souls are usually not malicious, they simply don’t have their own energy and want to connect in some way.

Today I’m delighted to be joined by a very special team of Academy of Light graduates, Scott, Melanie, Sharon, Tricia, and senior consultant, Mary. This incredible angel team of Energy Clearing and Alignment professionals is excited to share some of their experiences about the spirits they’ve rescued and the results that happened with the living clients.

Got ghosts? These guys are who ya gonna call… Cause they ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

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