I was seeking help for my twin sister and me who were told that there was a generational curse that was controlling both of us. We both had anger issues and would get anxious and didn’t know why. My sister also had hoarding issues. In clearing us, Lois and her team found huge entities inside my sister. When they were cleared from her, I was cleared too. Since we are twins the dark energy was tied to me also.

After the clearings, we both felt happier and more ourselves. I felt freer and more at ease, not as anxious as I used to be. Lois and her team found implants from dark ETs that were monitoring us. After one of these things was taken out from a shoulder on both my sister and me, we no longer had neck pain.

I feel good about the sessions so far, but I realize that there are more things that need to be cleared. Next, I want to get rid of deep-seated habits and emotions that I am becoming more aware of.

Anyone who doesn’t understand why they do what they do or feels they have no choice in some situations would benefit from investigative ECA clearings with Lois and her team.