Leslie has recently received her Master of Light Certification from Lois Hermann & Associates. She has two grown children and two grown step-children she, “raised from grasshoppers”, and eight step-grandchildren. She was a military wife for twenty-two years and has, “moved all over Creation.” Her experiences living in different parts of America and foreign lands brought an appreciation of the cultural and language differences. But, there is an underlying sameness we all share as sovereign members of the human community.

Leslie is a licensed Physical Therapy practitioner with twenty-six years of experience. She feels there is much more to healing than meets the eye and complaint form. Her own spiritual healing journey began in 2017 when she had the opportunity to assist a master energy healer with performing a hands-on energy healing session for a dear friend. The profound spiritual experience opened her heart to The Creator’s healing love and grace that is within us all. She believes the power of healing comes Divinely through it. All we have to do is ask.

As Leslie’s spiritual journey continued, she came to realize that each of us brings wonderful and varied spiritual gifts to our human experience. We have our own niche to fill while joining together sending Light and Love to make a positive difference for the highest good of all. “Choose love, always. It is the most powerful thing we do.” Leslie innerstands the value of holding light and protection for others as each processes through the personal journey of healing.