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As a Success Coach and Board Certified Clinical Hypnotist, I am Passionate About Helping People Achieve Their Goals.

Lois Hermann, BCH, CI, OB, NLP-T, ECA-M, RMT is passionate about helping people achieve their goals. A Success Coach & Clinical Hypnotist, Lois is a Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Certified Hypnosis Instructor through the National Guild of Hypnotists, and a Certified NLP Trainer with the National Federation for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. With extensive training in advanced hypnosis techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Energy Clearing & Alignment (ECA), and certified in many areas of hypnosis, including Pain Control, Lois was honored to receive the Order of Braid award for her dedication to the hypnosis profession.

In her corporate career, Lois was a multi-registered medical professional (RVT, RDMS, RDCS). She has experience as an international corporate trainer, healthcare executive, professional speaker, published author, and mind-body medicine expert. Lois is an award-winning pioneer in the field of diagnostic ultrasound and has several patents for ultrasound system design.

Personally involved with integrative medicine since the early ’90s, Lois blends her extensive background in traditional and integrative medicine. She incorporates her experience in education, corporate leadership, and diverse cultures, into her sessions and presentations. Clients receive tailor-made programs that address their specific needs.

Utilizing a combination of hypnosis techniques, professional coaching, along with Reiki, Lois facilitates personal growth and transformation for her clients. With a focus on the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of wellness, clients establish the internal support needed for lasting change. Whether personal issues are related to habits, fears, weight, health, pain, confidence, career success, or self-empowerment, Lois provides the guidance needed to help clients achieve happy, healthy, and successful lives.

As a Professional Speaker and Corporate Trainer, Lois Hermann excels at training students, business professionals and organizations to help people reach common goals. Her interactive Success Seminars, Webinars, and Professional Trainings include a variety of skill-building topics that support her clients’ goals, including topics such as: Stressful to Successful, Incredible Confidence, Powerful Communication, Networking Strategies, The Magic of Gratitude, Manifesting Abundance, and Weight to Wellness. Look for these and many more in the Coaching Programs section of this website. Lois has a special passion for assisting business and medical professionals, teachers, and caregivers of all types, offering her popular course: Stressful to Successful. Invite her to prepare a class for your group, or check out her webinar video series!

Lois is well known in the hypnosis community as a skilled professional presenter and trainer. Her unique Energy Clearing & Alignment Training program designed for hypnotists and counselors is widely acclaimed. In addition, she offers Hypnosis Certification Training programs for those who are ready to embrace hypnosis for personal or professional purposes. Having learned hypnosis to help her young son with migraines over twenty years ago, she has since embraced helping others with great passion as a full-time career.

Services Include: In-person and remote hypnosis and coaching sessions, Success Seminars, Webinars & Workshops, Reiki sessions, Spiritual groups, Professional Training Programs, presentations and inspirational keynote addresses.

Take a look at Lois’s inspired books: Chronicles of Hope – The Anquietas,  Spirits of Amoskeag: The Wounded Heroes of the Manchester Mills, her empowering Journey of Inner Awareness mindfulness audio programs and her Professional Development and Spiritual Empowerment Videos. Check out her vast collection of inspiring Success Blogs and be sure to sign up for her Insights Newsletter to receive her regular inspirational blogs. Join the discussion in her webinar based Inspiring Hope Community of Light series that is based on the messages in Chronicles of Hope.

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