Clear any Energies that may be Holding You Back. Establish Strong Connections with Your Spiritual Self.

empowermentYour spirit is the inspiration that lights your way.

 How is Spirit connected with hypnosis?

If you are looking for a richer, more meaningful spiritual life, our spiritual based hypnosis sessions offer many ways to empower yourself to achieve a deeper understanding of your own spirituality. In hypnosis, you are in an altered state of awareness and can experience your own connection with Angels, Guides, Masters, and Loved Ones. You also learn ways to keep your energy clear and strong. You receive unique messages that inspire you to grow, and to truly enjoy your life!

Our Services

Hypnosis Sessions

Spirit Connection

Connect with angels, guides, loved ones, pets, investigate past lives, life purpose.

Energy Clearing & Alignment

Shift the energy around yourself, children, family, pets, home, land or office .


Maintain positive energy for caregivers, light-workers, parents, travelers, and more.

Chronicles of Hope

The Anquietas, Book 1

The first in a series, Chronicles of Hope, The Anquietas, Book 1, documents messages that were received from wise spiritual beings who call themselves the Anquietas, the Ancient Ones.

The Collective, Book 2

The second in the three-book series, Chronicles of Hope: The Collective shares channeled messages from a collective of wise spirits of the unseen world who teach us how to raise our vibrational rate, shifting our energy to be more positive – to heal ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world.

The Anquietas, Book 3

[Coming August-2022] The third book in the series, Chronicles of Hope: The Archangels share channeled messages for spiritual seekers, lightworkers, and light warriors. The Archangels give us tools for empowerment and encouragement to embrace our unique gifts, unlocking the future of hope for humanity.

Inspiring Hope Community of Light

If you are inspired or intrigued by the messages in Chronicles of Hope and would like to continue on a path of discussion, discovery, and learning, you are invited to join the Inspiring Hope Community of Light.

Training Programs

Energy Alignment Training

Spiritual Hypnotists learn powerful techniques to help clients clear negative energy.

What People Are Saying

“I was dealing initially with a lot of physical issues. But I discovered they were due to emotional and spiritual issues. I was feeling stuck, and not knowing where to go with my life. This was the real reason why I decided to try hypnosis. Well, I’ve cleared a lot of yucky things that were attached to me. Things that were really holding me back and creating a lot of fear. So getting rid of those things was definitely good. Then I ended up feeling a lot more openness and happiness. That was the biggest thing. The sessions were really good. I always leave here feeling refreshed and more attuned to my surroundings. Being more aware and more awake is really the best thing. Anybody who is struggling with anything similar to me would definitely benefit.”
Brigitte M.

Equine Bodyworker

“Lois began helping me on the very first visit. By the end of that first day, I could actually feel the heavy weight of bad luck begin to lighten. In the time that I have spent with her, she has re-ignited meditative abilities that I once had. She showed me that as a person, I still have the strength and ability to cope with life’s vengeful turns. With her help, I confirmed what I’ve suspected about the disturbed ground that my beat-up house occupies. She helped to calm the restless spirits that used it as their gathering place. I am truly fortunate to have met Lois. She is a healer, one that can skillfully adjust a person’s life course, using hindsight and knowledge that only a person who has personally suffered can offer.”
Peter P.

Small Business Owner

“I came to see Lois because I had so much pain in my life and feelings of low self- esteem. Lois is an inspiration, a friend, a spiritual advisor. Lois is trustworthy and very special. Lois has helped me reawaken ‘me to my spiritual self, and rework some hurtful past experiences into positive, rewarding lessons in life. My past is now a pleasant friend that does not haunt me any longer, and I am able to heal old wounds and relationships. I highly recommend Lois as a Hypnotist and Spiritual Advisor, she is that great!”
Barbara A.

Computer Sales

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