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We offer Personalized Professional Training and Certification Programs for  Hypnotists, Therapists, and Holistic Professionals. NLP Training is Great for Medical and Sales Professionals too!

nlp trainingLearn a New Skill and Take Your Business to the Next Level

Lois Hermann enjoys providing Professional Certification & Training Programs for hypnotists, therapists, and those who aspire to create new or add to their careers. She is passionate about sharing skills, techniques, and tools to help professionals better assist their clients and patients. With her background in corporate training, years of experience as a clinical hypnotist, and even her stage hypnosis skills, Lois creates organized, engaging, and interesting classes.

Discover the power of your mind with Certified Hypnosis Training, expand your communication skills with Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training, and take your holistic business to the next level of care with our unique online Energy Clearing & Alignment Training.


Professional Training Programs

Hypnosis Certification Training

Become a Certified Consulting Hypnotist for yourself, your family or your career.

Energy Clearing & Alignment Training

Holistic professionals learn powerful techniques to clear and align client’s energy.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification Training

NLP builds rapport and enhances communication skills for rapid change.


What People Are Saying

“I love that you’ve made learning so enjoyable, at a pace that worked well. You create an atmosphere of support and your suggestions and style always made me want to know more. I appreciate that you generously share what has taken you years to learn.”

Kathy K.

Certified Hypnotist / Massage Therapist

“This training has been the best. I loved how we had the time to practice and integrate what we learned between classes. Lois does a great job of breaking down the intense information and her ongoing support is great. I believe every hypnotist should learn these spirit based techniques. I use them all the time.”

Brian H.

Physical Therapist / Certified Hypnotist

“Lois makes learning so much fun and is so approachable with any kind of question. She is passionate about what she does and it shows in her training classes. I keep learning new things from her, and truly appreciate how much she helps others.” and 

Denise M.

Certified Hypnotist / Business Owner

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