Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certification

Enhance Communication, Create Rapport, and Affect Positive Change with NLP Certification Training.

rapportWords Matter! Choose Your Words to Improve Communication,
Enhance Rapport, and Create Positive Change

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming offers a powerful set of skills for anyone who wants to choose their words wisely to improve communication abilities. As a hypnotist, therapist, holistic professional, or sales professional… we want only the best for our clients, patients, and customers. They benefit greatly from our expertise in understanding the power of words. The words we think, read, speak, or listen to have the power to influence our minds and actions. As we develop the skill of understanding word-power, we become able to connect with others more meaningfully. Gain insight into rapid rapport-building skills that are based on the power of perception. Experience personal shifts as you embrace simple, yet powerful techniques that will keep you inspired, motivated, and connected.

We offer both a 30-hour intensive NLP Certification that covers the full spectrum of NLP and a 16-hour virtual NLP Essentials Certification is designed for hypnotists and holistic professionals. The NLP Essentials program is offered on four Friday afternoons and is specifically spread out for you to experience the information gained and return with questions each week. Find a partner or friend who is willing to practice the techniques with you and they will enjoy the benefits. We look forward to having you join us on this self-empowering journey.

Read this blog for more insight on the Power of NLP with Hypnosis:

N-L-P (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can be explained as Neuro is how our neurology (nerves, feelings, and emotions) is programmed (responds, reacts, changes) by linguistics (words we see, hear, and speak). Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) helps a hypnotist to read people more readily by watching, observing, and mirroring them. It establishes the critical trust that is needed between the hypnotist and the client.

Hypnotists who are trained in NLP learn to be observant and aware of others so that they are able to connect in a way that facilitates important change work. An NLP-trained hypnotist is able to step into another’s energy in order to read what is going on with that person more intuitively. By truly sensing what another is feeling, the hypnotist can be ever-present in conversation with the person. This form of trained empathy allows the hypnotist to truly understand what the client is feeling, sensing, or responding to, in order to best help in their efforts to change a habit, pattern, or mindset. When the client really senses that the hypnotist is present, understands them, and comes from a place of non-judgment, the client feels more comfortable and open to change. Since most hypnotists are not therapists, the change work that is needed is based on a level of trust that allows clients to be open enough to allow the hypnotist to help them redirect their mind-talk. Click here to read the blog on how NLP creates trust.

Lois Hermann is an NLP Master / Trainer with NFNLP – National Federation of NLP.
All programs offered are approved by and certified with the NFNLP.

NeuroLinguistic Programming Essentials Certification

Developed Exclusively for Hypnotists and Holistic Professionals.

Discover How Word-Power Impacts Relationships with Clients, Patients, and More.

Your Words Matter
Choose Your Words to Make a Difference
Train Yourself to Think, Write, & Speak Positively
Enhance Observation & Communication Skills
Manifest Results with Word Power

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming offers a powerful set of rapport-building skills that is based on understanding how to choose words for positive impact. As you listen to how words are used you gain insight into personality styles, which enhances communication abilities. All of your relationships will benefit greatly from your expertise in this area.

As you develop astute observation skills, you gain a greater understanding of others and connect in more meaningful ways. Discover strategic tools to empower lasting behavior changes in yourself and those you work with. Empower yourself as you experience exercises that facilitate rapid emotional shifts. Use new skills to encourage yourself to stay inspired, motivated, and enthusiastic.

We are excited to offer this virtual four-module NLP Essentials Training Certification designed to help holistic professionals succeed.

 In this interactive online workshop, you will:

  • Understand word-power: written, spoken, or thought.
  • Develop techniques to read clients’ personality styles.
  • Enhance communication and rapport with clients.
  • Experience exercises to shift emotional responses.
  • Learn powerful strategies to help clients succeed.
  • Discover processes to keep your mind focused and clear.
  • Provide valuable service offerings to your clients.
This special four-part NLP Essentials Certification Training is designed to help holistic professionals succeed. We offer this training on four afternoons via Zoom webinar. The time between classes allows you to practice the new skills and return to the next training with applicable questions that will enhance and reinforce your experience.

Transform Lives in this Experiential NLP Essentials Certification with

Lois Hermann, Board-Certified Hypnotist, Certified Instructor, NF-NLP Trainer

Classes meet Virtually on 4 Friday afternoons.
*You will receive detailed instructions upon registration.

March 4, 11, 18, 25 in 2022
12:00 – 4:00 pm (ET)

 Be sure to note the correct meeting time based on your time zone.

Cost of $444 includes Instruction, Scripts, Tips, Experiential Exercises, and More

By application only.

To apply for this program, fill out the form below:


What People Are Saying

“I decided to take this NLP Training because when I took the Energy Clearing & Alignment Training, we used one of the NLP techniques and it made me want to learn more.

The exercises were very interesting and were easy to do, and I think it was a great opportunity to learn more about communicating with others. The class was great. We really interacted with each other which made the class more interesting. The material was laid out in a great way. I thought every week was a great adventure.

I would recommend it to anybody who is interested in self-improvement or helping others.”

Mary Fisher

Reiki Master Teacher, Walpole, MA

“I think this class was wonderful, the interactions, information, and exercises were extremely valuable. I am so glad that I committed the time to this program. The class brought my awareness to observing body language and reading people to gain a better understanding. I have already experienced personal growth with these exercises and can’t wait to run with them.

I love Lois’s energy and enjoy learning from her. She provided so many tools that it was almost overwhelming. Even though this was an online class, I was delightfully surprised and am very grateful for the positive interaction of the group. I am so excited to use what I’ve learned. It was awesome. I thank you.”

Sharon Edmondson

Master Hypnotherapist, Maryland

“I thought the NLP Training was wonderful. I learned some skills that will help me relate to other people in business situations and personal relationships. I learned how to establish rapport with people in all situations.”
Denise McCalvey

Certified Hypnotist, Nashua, NH

” I learned new tools to help myself, my family, and my clients to deal with past emotional issues and to achieve new goals.”
Noel Berube

Certified Hypnotist, Massage Therapist, Amherst, NH

“I have always been interested in Neurolinguistic Programming, however, never resonated with someone teaching it until Lois. I always wanted to learn more about being mindful regarding people’s body language and verbal language. The Energy Clearing & Alignment training I took with Lois was wonderful and inspired me to want to learn more.

I really loved the NLP training and was pleasantly surprised at how personal it could be, even though it was virtual. It really felt like it was in person. There was so much that I learned and was an excellent expansion of what I know. I love how organized the class was. Lois created modules with different themes each week. It helped to keep my busy mind focused. It was such a fun class.

NLP is beneficial especially to professionals working in holistic fields and would benefit anybody who is interested in helping people, especially teachers and doctors. So many people don’t understand the power of their own verbal and body language. The more mindful we become of our own linguistics the better rapport we have with each other. I highly recommend this enlightening class.”

Cecilia Thomas, M.Ed., MHt

Counselor, Hypnotist, Energy Professional, Richmond, VA

“The class was a lot of fun. I have taken many classes with Lois and love this one as much as the others. Her teaching style resonates with me because her enthusiasm is contagious. She invites us to experience the exercises which help us benefit from them and remember them. I enjoyed interacting with others in the group and gained much from using and applying the exercises.

The NLP information has such depth and richness to it. It is a lot like learning a new conversational language that comes with continued use. Whether or not you are a hypnotist, you will use these skills and recognize when they are being used on you. You will have the inside track when someone is selling to you, it puts you in a better place when purchasing a big-ticket item. Anyone can take this class and walk away with a lovely toolkit.”

Kathleen Kubacki

Certified Hypnotist, Energy Clearing Master, New York

“My curiosity about NLP led me to take this class. I wanted to learn more about how we think, how our past forms who we are, and how to heal that past.

The training was fabulous! I got so much from the class and loved that we got to share, give, and receive. There were so many hands-on exercises that helped engrain the lessons. I learned how we are programmed with limiting beliefs that condition and affect our mind talk. The techniques have helped me tremendously and will help in my intuitive coaching business.

I absolutely recommend this NLP Training even for people who are just curious and want to use this in their own personal life. I think everyone can benefit from taking this class.”

Cherie Nikosey

Intuitive Alignment Coach & Mentor, Yulee, FL

“I have taken several classes with Lois and enjoy her teaching style. I was very impressed with the presentations and all the information that was provided in this NLP training. There were many fascinating techniques presented and scripts that will be valuable to use in the future. I benefited personally from the information and practice sections.

I really liked the way the class was spread apart to give us time to review and build on our skills. In the second session, we were able to ask questions based on how we used the skills we practiced. I have found NLP to be a great way to begin sessions and learned to develop increased rapport with my clients.”

Theresa Kondracki

Certified Hypnotherapist, New Jersey

“I learned a lot about myself and a lot about how to help other people in the NLP Training. I learned how I can better read people, taking their own terminology and their way of seeing and experiencing things in this world to help them make better choices.”
Nicole Hanson

Certified Hypnotist, Nashua, NH

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