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Shift Self-limiting Beliefs, Negative Self-talk, Reset Your Mindset to Achieve a Calm, Focused, Peaceful Mind.

mindYour mind is the driver that tells you where to go.

Are you ready to reprogram your mind for where you want it to go? If you are ready to take control of your life, change old habits, and empower yourself…this is the place for you. If you would like to eat better, sleep better and feel better… this is the place for you. If you are ready to increase your confidence, enhance your communication skills, and improve your business outcomes… this is the place for you. Gain control over self-sabotaging thoughts and harness the power of your mind-body-spirit with Hypnosis!

Our Services

Hypnosis Sessions

Relieve Stress

Release stress, worry, nervousness, get unstuck and develop calm mindfulness.


Improve Focus

Improve study skills, test taking, career building and focus on where you are going.

Release Fears

Shift fears of water, heights, flying, public speaking, closed spaces, spiders, needles.

Gain Confidence

Enhance motivation, public speaking, empowerment, presentation skills.

Enhance Relationships

Respond to family, coworkers, past loves, adoptions & create healthy self-worth.

Coaching Programs

Student Success

Improve academics, athletics, self-worth, performance, attitude, deal with peers.

Professional Success

Embrace confidence, organization, motivation, goals, success and abundance.

Hypnotist Success

Develop advanced hypnosis skills with advice, mentoring, and supervision.

What People Are Saying

“I was totally overwhelmed by life, had left work, and wanted to give up. Everything was insurmountable. I looked to hypnosis to help me find my path and figure out how to get through life. The sessions helped to change me. I gained self-confidence, and am not so overwhelmed by every little thing. I feel like a new person. The sessions helped me take the next steps in life, to get un-bogged down from 45 years of stressful living.

I like the sessions better than traditional therapy. It seems easier to transition. You do have to do your own work. It opened me up to new thoughts about myself and changed the way I look at things. I sleep better, I am happier and feel so much better about myself. The experience has all been very positive. Thank you Lois.”

Dorothy C,

Real Estate Title Agent

“I had increased anxiety and was wanting to find a different way to handle it. I have done some traditional therapy and that didn’t really seem to get to the origin of my problems. The person I was talking to was really more hardcore, saying things like “you really need to get over it, to exercise more…” and things like that. I did not feel like I was being heard, or getting my needs met.

Since the hypnosis sessions, my anxiety is a lot less now. I have a good rapport with Lois. She is very easy to talk to, and for me, that is a big part of being able to process things. I also found some of things that I didn’t know we’re there. At first I was kind of worried because I did not know what to expect. But I’ve always felt very safe and relaxed, and listened to with Lois. I never felt like anything I said was frivolous. I was given sound guidance, and great tools that I can use at home or at work. Even if somebody didn’t really know much about hypnosis, I would say to come in for that first visit. Lois will answer any questions you have.”

Lenore C.

Nurse Educator

“First I was very skeptical, I felt broken, and there was only so much I could handle at that point in time. With Lois’s hypnosis coaching my goals were accomplished and beyond. My self-confidence… the emotional swings I went through are now more like up and down rolling hills rather than jagged mountains. I just feel good. There is no other way to explain it. I believe in myself and feel like people believe in me. I just feel good now.

Some of the sessions were very intense, mind-blowing to say the least. I learned so much about myself in those sessions than I ever thought possible, about what I can accomplish, and what I can eliminate out of my life. I can honestly say that I am a completely different person. I am completely different in the way I handle my family, my marriage, my business, and how I handle stress, anxiety. I feel like right now I am in harmony with life and everything around me. It has woken me up spiritually to higher degrees than I even started with. I smile a lot more too.

Without a doubt, I recommend Lois Hermann for anyone who has any challenges going on in their life – spiritually, marriage, business, stress, anxiety, self-confidence. The word I use is revolutional, it was truly transformational.”

Jason C.

Tax Accountant

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