One door closes and another magically opens. As this 2023 year comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on all that is good in our world, letting go of things that no longer serve, and embracing changes that must be made. This has been an incredible year of personal and professional growth. We’ve met some very special folks on the Truth Tour and discovered others who are not quite what they seem to be, so our powers of discernment have increased exponentially. We’ve taken to heart the message from the Archangels that we must put the welfare of others before our own.

We created new Energy Clearing & Alignment client packages and special sponsorship programs that allow us to focus our energy on assisting those on an ascended path of awakening.

If you are interested in intellectual awareness along with uplifting energetic support, you are welcome to join our Telegram channels where we post insight and information to support your journey through our sometimes crazy world.

Encouraged to transfer our knowledge of energy clearing we established the Academy of Light. Our hearts have been warmed by the enthusiasm and dedication of our amazing ECA graduates who are soon to be Masters of Light. This incredible team of heart-centered energy masters will continue to shift the energy of darkness around our world, bringing in the light of hope for humanity. Academy of Light – Lois Hermann & Associates

Shifting our Inspiring Hope Radio Show to Zoom-based podcasting has shown that the radio show was a great springboard that served us well these past four years. That adventure has now come to a close as we pursue true podcasting to reach busy folks around the world. We are on both YouTube and Rumble for more controversial topics. and

Thanks to Sharon Hoffman, we’re also adding TikTok shorts to touch more audiences with simple messages of hope.

We welcome your help in establishing a membership program for those who wish to stay connected and engage regularly. Please let us know what resources would benefit your empowerment journey in 2024. [email protected]

Meanwhile, be sure to join us for a Special Solstice Holiday Adventure on 12/18 to join us in clearing the energy of the old and opening new doors with the light of hope and love.

Many Blessings and Deepest Gratitude,
Lois Hermann