Over the decades of following my calling to do some amazing spiritual work, I’ve had the honor and privilege of learning from some incredible teachers, speakers, and spiritual truth seekers. Yet, my greatest teachers have been the incredible Guides who have come from the Light to inspire clients and fellow travelers on this journey with their messages of hope. Captivated by these angelic messengers, I listen, absorb, and reinforce their simple… yet brilliant messages of love, peace, and hope. Assisting the client on their path has served to greatly enrich my own spiritual awareness. The insights shared by these wise ones have shaped my life path, continue to guide my spiritual development and form the foundation for insights shared with you.

​Recently, while preparing a lesson for the ECA Practitioner Training, I was searching archives for examples of spiritual sessions and came across typed notes from an extremely powerful session. This hypnosis journey was with a very special spiritual teacher from almost 20 years ago to the day… August 2003. Key points of the journey had stayed with me, while much of the message had faded over the years. Still, other parts left me bewildered, making no sense at the time. I was not ready to understand the importance or relevance of the insights shared… until now. Nor was I fully aware of whom I was actually speaking with… through this incredible spiritual leader!

How surprisingly powerful and important this timeless message is for all Lightworkers, especially today. Hopefully, this message will be of significance to you too.

Wisdom from a Client’s Past Life Experience

[After the hypnotic induction and addressing some concerns, his timeless spiritual self spoke through him. This was his message.]

“It is dark and stormy outside. It’s light inside. I’m inside looking out. Wearing a white robe…
The fools did it. They perverted the power of the crystal! Idiots! Stupid Jerks! They used our talents to create the crystal to magnify our power so that they could increase their power. We must leave before it……

I am watching the destruction of Atlantis from above. I was warned four years ago. We removed those people from power but didn’t get them all. What did they think they were doing? We could have spread our scientific advancement to other continents. Now they’ve set us back 10 thousand years.

They were influenced by reptilian extraterrestrials. I was taken to a planet on Alpha Centauri four years ago. They showed me what would happen if we didn’t get them all. They turned the power of the crystal to the dark side. These ETs feed off of the pain and suffering of the people. The planet has been set back 10,000 years.

Yeshua will someday come through the light. He will choose 12 close souls and it will be another as past before. There will be love, mercy, tolerance, and peace. God is not the God of patriarchy, of religions as are practiced now. He will take religion into spirituality.

They control people through fear and darkness. The day will come when we will have to come forward and remove them. The reptilian ETs are from the Orion system. Many of them have… are finally restrained from evil influence and creating genetic contagion in the DNA. They destroyed a planet before… Orion. If not stopped, they will destroy this planet as well.

Lucifer was to protect your planet from darkness. Instead, he let them take over. The planet has been fought over by the light and dark for 50 thousand years.

The Holy Trinity is not the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as the church states.
The Holy Trinity is Love, Power, and Freedom.
Love without freedom takes away power. Power without freedom takes away love.
Freedom without power takes away love. Freedom without love takes away power.
Love without power takes away freedom. Power without love takes away freedom.
The holy trinity creates harmonic balance.

People are empowered to spread the message. The sacred message of freedom, not by infringing on the freedom of others or at the expense of the self. Remember… we are the light of the world.

[What is your name?]

“My name was P___. My spiritual name was given to me before I came here. My purpose is to assist in bringing the planet into the Brotherhood of White Light Alliance. This planet must come totally into the light. We continue in each incarnation loving and empowering rather than taking away respect, and freedom of self and others. You have the freedom to come to God with all of your heart, mind, and soul. This helps toward being in Harmonic Balance. We were sent here eons ago. We volunteered to this mission as star children… angels. God sent us here and we volunteered. At the soul level, we know it.”

[I ask the client: Looking at your aura – is it fully covered in white light?]

“I’m seeing shades of purple, lavender, green, blue – rainbow colors with a predominance of blue, gold, lavender, and beautiful white… so much white surrounding…”

Message from I Am Who I Am

[Suddenly, the voice changes to a much more commanding tone.]

“It is important to pray for protection first. When you pray, it is important to pray in this order. Pray both for yourself and other lightworkers. First for protection, then healing, and empowerment across 8 levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, psychic, professional, and financial. You must balance all 8 areas to be the Avatar. Each of the lightworkers must become an Avatar in physical as well as other areas. You do not battle against flesh and blood. Your battle is against dark souls.

The ego is not bad or good… it just is. It is a powerful servant to serve you. It contributes to your divine mission in this life to receive praise, words of thanks, encouragement, and positive empowerment. The message from the dark side is that ego is bad… this is used as a way of controlling people. The Course In Miracles, the Unity, and the Unitarian churches have it wrong. God created the ego and said it is good, and it is good. Only when it is misused is it bad. This must be taught to other lightworkers to help them in their journey. The ego is to be tamed, harnessed and redirected. But if ego goes unchecked… ego becomes greed.

Money is a tool for empowering to higher greater love. Many have gone through temporary inconvenience on the physical, but not at higher soul levels. It has been difficult. Days of 7-day weeks will soon come to an end. Changes are coming, things are coming to an end. There are a few surprises coming.

You must pray for protection, healing, and empowerment. You must pray for yourself. You have been praying for others. You need to be open to attract the right friends and companions to be successful. This is true for all lightworkers around this planet.”

[To Whom am I speaking?]

“I am who I am. I have been communicating through this vessel. I have no name and many names. This planet has been called to join the enlightened planets.”

[What can we do? What is our mission?]

“Determine that which you do at the soul level. Ask others to pray for their own protection, from ETs, from the darkness. It is better for you to get ideas through your own soul awareness. It must come from within you. It is time for lightworkers to learn not to give their power away. They must empower the Self.

Share with others in your own simple way to those who have ears to hear. Never meddle. Assist when chosen. Share insights when guided. Help them go deep enough to get in connection with the great I Am where the person encounters God, the Holy Spirit. They must not give power away. I Am he who has no name and many names, Eloine, God, Goddess, All. Because you are a small part of who I Am… the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. Each can have their own truth. Teach them to come to their own truth. They must be empowered to obtain each person’s truth. Each is molded, and blessed, and shaped.

Love is forever, even lifetimes between. Always be kind to Self and others. Protect Self from the dark side. No matter what others say, it does exist. You know it does exist.”

[A voice says: “Tell her something about the light.”]

“When you shine the light, darkness goes away. Darkness cannot exist in the light. You are the light of the world, and I am well pleased. I do not expect perfection. It is enough to have love, kindness, and compassion… to love and be loved. Always come from integrity and kindness. Do not ever walk away from the physical treasures of the planet. They are to be enjoyed and appreciated.

You both have passed the test. You are now ready to receive. Remember to use money to empower. You have mastered much in many lifetimes. It is okay and good to accept who you are. Through the power of love, you have the freedom to be all you can be… That is all.”