Join Lois, Sharon, and Scott in this profound story where they transition from merely clearing land to becoming spirit rescuers. In this captivating story, we navigate the delicate realm between the seen and unseen, confronting lost spirits and dark energies plaguing homes and land.

Sensitive people are aware of spirits in and around their homes. While some people enjoy poking fun at these “ghosts” – making their presence a spectacle, we consider ourselves spirit rescuers. With empathy and courage, we delve into the depths of the spiritual world, offering kindness and guidance to wandering souls. From poignant encounters with lost children to harrowing confrontations with malevolent forces, our experiences illustrate the transformative power of compassion and spiritual intervention.

Through client sessions and group journeys, we embark on a mission to cleanse the land of lingering trauma and negativity, facilitating healing for both the living and the departed. Our encounters with vortexes, shadow energies, and even demonic forces serve as testaments to our unwavering commitment to bring light to the darkest corners of existence.

Sharon, Scott, and Melanie experienced a remarkable journey that began with a seemingly routine land clearing, which evolved into a cascade of events culminating in a mud-flood disaster. As they successfully navigate this tragedy, they discover the true extent of their abilities and the profound impact of their work on both the physical and spiritual realms.
Listen as Sharon and Scott share their extraordinary tale of tragedy transformed into salvation—a testament to the power of healing, redemption, and the unbreakable bond between the seen and unseen worlds.

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