Protecting Our Independence

On America’s Independence Day, we celebrate the freedom our rebellious ancestors fought and died for. Are you concerned about us facing some of the same issues our founding patriots rose against? In 1776, the government was taxing the hardworking colonists to pay for the never-ending foreign wars. How many times must history repeat itself? When will we learn from history? Who thinks we should gloss it over and enjoy a holiday of hamburgers, parades, and fireworks?

The years of delving deeper into the history of the American patriots who fought for and protected our freedom have caused me to be aware of how our lives have been influenced by controlling energies. For instance, did you know that powerfully influential men who were against establishing the Fed mysteriously went down with the Titanic (or was it her sister ship)? Interestingly the Fed was implemented the following year by their opposing parties. In 1913, American wages were taxed for the first time since the American Revolution. American money was again being sent to foreign investors.

And… history repeats… When will we wake up to the corruption that has infiltrated our gently sleeping society for generations? What do we need to do to protect the freedom that was so hard won? We must do what we can to support and protect our independence… our freedom on all levels.

Physical/Mental/Emotion Corruption

Have you noticed how corruption runs deeper than governmental, bureaucratic, and financial systems? It has infiltrated, infected, and influenced many aspects of our personal lives.

Our physical bodies are weakened by chemicals in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. Even medicines that are supposed to help have been infected by toxins that cause harm, reacting much differently than expected. Many unsuspecting people have life-threatening reactions or become drug dependent instead of embracing the body’s natural ability to heal.

​​Even our minds have been influenced by the thoughts we think, the games we play, the media we watch, and the entertainment we absorb. Then, our emotions become entangled in a downward spiral based on eroding cultural values associated with the dissolution of heartfelt connections with friends and family. What are we to do?

Spiritual Corruption

Then there is the spiritual corruption that is unseen and unspoken… yet very real indeed. Spiritual violence has been in evidence since Cain slew Abel for power and control. Over the eons of time, folks have deliberately practiced black magic and worshiped dark entities by selling their soul to the devil for power, fame, and fortune. Many don’t realize that over time, the connection with dark energy has trickled into being influenced by the songs we hear, the videos we watch, and the books we read. Have you noticed how many seem programmed to watch increasingly violent and savage behaviors? This mania undermines healthy wholesome foundations and opens the door for evil to take root.

In energy-clearing sessions, our team often rescues lost souls, helping them into a place of healing. However, all too often we uncover conjured energies that can create life-threatening havoc with side effects and horrific mental/emotional ramifications on the host. Sorcery or dark magic has been used for eons to cast spells that are attached to the unsuspecting. When one looks the other way, the intense toxic energy takes root, creating extreme disturbance on all levels. Our team works with the angelic realms to remove dark entities, realign healthy energy, and give clients tools to stay protected. Since nature will fill a vacuum, once clear, if the client does nothing, another form of darkness will infiltrate, which can be even more insidious. Think about it… this is what has happened to society. We have ignored the invasive darkness for far too long.

Apocalypse Approaches

In Chronicles of Hope: Book 1, the Anquietas were alarmed by the upcoming apocalypse, which is an uncovering. The veils are being lifted to show us the tragic darkness that has existed for millennia. As we become aware of what is being uncovered, we must avoid the trap of dropping into fear-based worry that only degrades our mind-body-spirit energy exponentially. What can we do to reverse the negative outcomes that many have predicted?

We must choose to embrace the Light of freedom. We have been shown the importance of practicing daily spiritual hygiene to stay protected, strong, and healthy. If you feel bogged down by negative thoughts or unhealthy energy, our team offers sessions, programs, and training to help you get clear, strong, and healthy.

As a gift, we encourage you to download our Sacred Space Exercise from our home page. Use it morning and night to protect yourself from negative thoughts, energies, and entities. As we learn to stay safe and protected amidst this toxic world, we can more readily do what we need to embrace freedom individually and collectively.

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Tune in for many ways to protect your freedom, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually! 

Blessings of Freedom,
Lois Hermann