Border Crisis

We all know that our world is in crisis. We have infiltration on our southern borders from millions of illegal aliens who are on someone’s agenda, definitely not that of the American people. To find out more, be sure to listen to this radio show with Jon DiPietro: A First-hand Account of Our Self-inflicted Border Crisis. He shares the difference between legal migrants who are coming to America for work and those who are illegally allowed in and causing harm. Over the centuries, our country has welcomed immigrants who wish to live, work, contribute, and support what America stands for. Most of our ancestors were immigrants to this amazing country. They came here to make a better place for themselves and their families. However, to gain entry, our ancestors agreed to live by specific rules and worked hard to become legal citizens.

So, why would we simply open our doors and let anyone help themselves to what many have dedicated their lives to create? Lewis Herms created a docudrama called Cages that offers more in-depth truths about what is happening on our southern border. Truly, it is all about intention. What is the intention of those on the take? What is the intention of the legal vs. illegal migrants? What was our ancestor’s intention? What did they do to contribute to building our country with their sweat, toil, and bloodshed? It is often good to give someone a hand-up to better themselves, however, there is a distinct difference between giving to those in need versus having something taken or stolen from us.

Energy Boundaries

Ancient cities were walled to ward off attacks from those who wanted to steal goods, rape, pillage, or completely take control by warring tribes. On a more personal level, we put walls around our gardens to deter rabbits, deer, and other unwelcome intruders. We lock our houses and cars to keep people from helping themselves to our belongings. We have alarm systems to protect our treasures. Why wouldn’t we strive to protect the resources of a country that has been built on the blood and backs of generations of hard-working people?

We lock our homes, our cars, and our computers. We should also protect our most vulnerable and valuable resources from harm… our children… those who are sick, unwell, or unprotected… and our own personal energy. Humans are energy generators. Those with purity of heart have a vibrational resonance that glows brightly and can be identified by those seeking an energy source. We must have defenses in place to protect from those who use the energy of the unsuspecting innocent as sources of personal power.

Vital Energy Vampires

There are sinister energy takers who do not have their own energy source. These energy vampires thrive on inciting intense emotions such as fear to stimulate energy to feed on. These dark ones look for those with bright lights or high resonance as sources to enrich their otherwise depleted energy stores. They steal energy to gain personal power through conjured spells. You’ve seen it in movies and it is more real than you can imagine. Torturing others causes extreme distress to the vulnerable and creates intense energy used to feed evil in many ways. Using children in ritual abuse is very, very real. Sorcery cults perform rituals to capture traumatized energy in order to amplify their own energy for self-power and control.

In addition to stealing vital energy for themselves, sorcerers use tortured energy to conjure curses that can be used to diminish or block the energy of others, especially those with the brightest lights. Since the dark ones are weakened by those with high vibrational energy, they actually fear the ones among us with the brightest lights. Like water to the wicked witch, the dark ones are afraid of the bright light beings and target them to be taken out, diminished, or blocked. The sorcerers use conjured energy, casting spells to constrict or block the vital energy of those seeking a high vibrational life. Among other things, these spells interfere with the ability to connect to higher sources of wisdom or our God-light.

They Were Open

How do they find those who are emanating high-vibe energy? Very easily. Most people today have difficulty setting boundaries in life, from personal space to energetic awareness, to establish what we call our sacred space. Most spiritual seekers are wide open and vulnerable. We are taught by our metaphysical guides and teachers that we must first establish protection, then healing, and then empowerment. In the spiritual world, we’re protecting ourselves from those who would steal our energy reserves leaving us depleted, diminished, and diseased. Over the years, I have asked dozens of entities why they were attracted to or targeted a particular client, the answer is usually; “They were open.”

Working with the Archangels, our team has seen the horrors of ritual abuse time and time again. We have rescued thousands of tortured child spirits who have been used and abused in horrific ways. We have also captured the shadow beings that have been sent to dim our brightest lights and are sent to be held accountable for their actions. If you are a star seed, a light warrior, or someone who simply intends to do good for our planet, you must practice energy protection from these evil ones. Spiritual protection is critical. Just as we protect our cars, our homes, our gardens, and our country, we must also protect the most important resource of all… our personal vital energy. The vibrational frequency that drives our precious human bodies, especially the fresh, youthful, uncontaminated energy of innocence is the most powerful source of energy on this planet.

Start With Protection

As we work to raise our vibrational frequency to evolve ourselves, we are shifting the energy of this beautiful planet to the positive. Someday, we hope that we will have graduated beyond the need for protection. We’ll know that day is here when we no longer need to lock our cars, our homes, or our computers. For now, we must start with self-protection. When we leave ourselves unprotected, we are open to inviting others to steal our light, weaken us, and drive division, disease, and chaos.

Please use this updated version of the Sacred Space Exercise as a regular protection practice. Subscribe to our Rumble channel for ongoing support via the Inspiring Hope Radio shows and other videos. We must join together to protect and support one another in this spiritual-intellectual-geo-political-cyber war we are in. While mysteriously cloaked and different than physical wars of the past… this someone invisible, insidious war is very, very real. I can tell you though that we are winning… the reptilians are mostly gone, and the benevolent ETs are assisting by way of the Archangels. Yet there are still living human and hybrid sorcerers who know that they are losing this war, and are pulling out all stops to block the most beautiful lights among us. They are creating chaos in last-ditch efforts to do whatever they can to incite fear and division.

Protect your energy. Do what you can to escape the matrix. Push pause on technology, limit exposure to negativity, and immerse yourself in nature. Ask for assistance from your Guides, and set your intention daily. Together, with our beloved Archangels and Guides, we are blasting a powerful light to expose, diminish, and dissipate their energy. As we embrace the pure light of positive intention with protection, we reclaim and retain our power. We must stand strong in the light of truth, and support others whom we know in our hearts are of high vibration. As we recognize and join with those who are in service to help rescue our children, creating a safe place for our children’s children, and a hopeful future for humanity.

God Bless You, Your Family, America, and Humanity.
Many Blessings,
Lois Hermann

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