Sharing deep gratitude to Lewis and Aracelli Herms, and their amazing Truth Tour team for all that you do! This Cages Docudrama is incredibly powerful, meaningful, and very professionally done. Readers, this is a must-watch! Please share with everyone you know to bring awareness to the corruption, child trafficking, and deception we are and have been facing for a long time.

This team’s dedication to the cause can be realized by their actions, which speak louder than words. They are coming from their hearts… the perfect place. I am honored to be involved with this important movement for truth and have the pleasure to experience firsthand the commitment, resilience, and strength of character that each member of the team exhibits. These individuals have taken so many slings and arrows to do what’s right for humanity. Anyone who has doubts about their intentions needs to attend one of the Truth Tour events in person… to see, experience, and know for themselves the value of true compassion.

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