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I hope you enjoyed the drizzly, long weekend. As you worked around the house or visited with friends, did you reflect on those who have made a difference in your life? Sometimes, it is important to take a moment to honor all those who have impacted our lives… living and past, soldiers and peacemakers, family and friends, precious pets, and places that bring fond memories. There are many things that affect who we are based on the heritage that is held in our DNA. It is said that history is written by the victors, the conquerors. Yet, the stories of the conquered go untold. What if we knew the real truth? What if we had a concept of what actually happened in days of old, that we may learn from situations to make informed choices with updated awareness, and hopefully allow for improved outcomes.

People are remembered by the stories told of them. Often, only glowing positive stories are expressed, while the shadow side is buried with the person. Some speak only of negative impressions, while the positive intentions are suppressed or forgotten. What if all stories were shared so a more complete picture could be painted of the individual or situation? If we tell only uplifting stories, a false sense of reality is created with impossible acts to follow for future generations. If only divisive stories are told, an imperfect sense of who the person strove to be is depicted, or the lessons from the situation are lost.

Trail of Tears

Reflecting on my own mother who died a few weeks ago, I acknowledge that she shared many special gifts and was perceived as a sweet and wonderful person to many people. She also had a very dark side that was revealed to those she held bitter resentment toward. Delving into the mystery of this confusion in a recent hypnosis regression session, I discovered the origins or her personal battle with duality came as a casualty hidden in unspoken American history. Her own mother was angry and unapproachable, pushing away her own children, with a lack of desire for family connection. Part of my mother was deeply affected by her mother’s shadow side. However, she also spent many formative years with a beloved aunt-in-law, her name-sake, who was instrumental in teaching her sewing, cleaning, baking, and showed her the sunny side of life. Therein lies the duality.

Tracing the angry side of my mother to its origin, took me back three generations to her own mother’s mother. Born in a Cherokee tribe at the time of the Trail of Tears, my great-grandmother was taken from her own Native American family at a very young age and brutally forced to adopt the ways of the white man. She grew up with a deep resentment for being stripped from her secure native culture and pushed into a strange, uncomfortable way of life. With bonds from her birth family completely severed, no wonder this woman held such a deep-rooted animosity toward others, especially men, and exhibited a lack of connection even to her own offspring. Understanding this behavior pattern gives me a sense of sadness for the intense internal battles my own mother struggled with throughout her life. Now I can see why she was often depressed, understand the confusion she must have felt, and why she sometimes acted the way she did.

Our Model of the World

There are many similar ancestral stories that clients have shared on their journey of healing. As we apply this concept of deep-seated issues to our model of the world, what do we see? If we choose to ignore the horrors of our past, we obscure the reality of what people had endured and conceal the opportunity to learn the origin of strange or dysfunctional behavior. Therefore, we lack the awareness to establish new foundations for enhanced pathways of peace for healthy families, communities, and our entire world.

Throughout history, so many individuals, groups, and cultures have been abused, suppressed, and conquered. Our Guides of the Collective have said they do not understand why there is so much hate among humans. If hate is a learned behavior passed from mother to child, what can we do to interrupt the pattern? If we acknowledge that hate is an expression of pain and the potential for pain exists in every human being, we recognize that painful emotions can be triggered by sights, sounds, even smells. Reactions to painful memories can be expressed in a variety of ways; some act out, some retreat, while others stand for what is right and just and good. As we come to accept the pain in one another, let us also know we have the resiliency to change emotional ties to the past. Let us support each other with the realization that we never really know what another person has been through in their lives or what ancestral memories contribute to drive their actions or choices… consciously or unconsciously.

A Cancer of Negativity

If we think of humanity as one collective organism, one being, made of many individuals on this planet we call home. Our Mother Earth has a living spirit known as Gaia. Currently, it’s as if a cancer of negativity has infected humanity, causing damage to the inhabitants of our home. As this negative energy spreads, it eats away at healthy lives and erodes the vital flesh of our precious Earth. What if we could neutralize this insidious fear-based disease and establish a strong, healthy civilization based on positive energy, respect, and hope? Can we create a paradise on this beautiful planet that is home to so many amazing creatures? It will take effort. Do you think it is worth it to have a thriving civilization for ourselves, to pass on to our children, and our grandchildren?

In the Chronicles of Hope, Universal Energy speaks of the dangers of isolation or separation. Many people already think of themselves as a being separate from everything else: from each other, from the animals, from the trees, from our Earth Mother, and from whatever God they might call on or blame. This way of thinking is fundamentally misguided. It has been accelerated with the increased isolation and separation over this past year of pandemic, even now, those who are vaxed are to be separate from the non-vaxed, the fear-based from the hopeful. How many people think of themselves as different, less than, not good enough, inferior, or afraid? The feeling of separateness is what causes prejudice, judgment, bias, and wars. This low-level vibrational energy may ultimately lead to the death of the human race. What can we do to shift the energy in small ways to achieve a higher level of consciousness?

Raise Vibrational Energy

I find it interesting that the gentlest Archangel who has visited with us in the channeled sessions is the one who incited the most passion for revolution, to stand up for those who are stuck in the muck of mind-controlled illusion. Whether by innocence or indifference, people must wake up to what is going on around them and step into the light of truth, honesty, and integrity. We have been given the chance, right now, to change the path, the trajectory humanity is on. If we lose this window of opportunity, we may be facing a major setback for humanity. Mother Gaia may choose to intervene, and it will not be pretty. Let us join together in the Light of truth to awaken the power of love, light, and an intense passion for all things goodly and Godly.

How we handle our life experiences is most meaningful. When we come from a place of acceptance, togetherness, hope, and peace, the vibrational energy around us increases. The higher we vibrate, the more we are able to connect with and receive insight, knowing, and understanding from higher sources of consciousness. As we learn to communicate through our wise spiritual mind, we awaken our sixth sense, and connecting with Mother Gaia and other Guides of the Collective becomes second nature. If we individually and cumulatively raise our vibrational energy by being one with each other and all of nature, everything in and around our planet will thrive. What can you do to raise your energy to make even a small difference?

Archangel Michael continues to give us clues as to what we can do to lift our energy by irradicating toxic exposures or substances from our bodies. He suggests we ask our Mother Gaia to heal us. We often ask for assistance from the Collective of Light Beings in the angelic realm, however, rarely think to ask our own Mother for healing assistance. While working with the Archangels, our Team Hope members shared a communal journey that confirmed we must ask Gaia to assist us in clearing toxic substances from our bodies. As we sincerely ask for her assistance, she is willing to flush unnatural elements out of our bodies, returning these substances back to her body where they belong. As our bodies heal, we must learn to avoid exposure to poisons in all areas we consume via food, water, air, media, entertainment, music, and even harmful people.

Champions of Hope

As champions of the messages in Chronicles of Hope, members of Team Hope have been asked to teach, to share their insights, so those on the positive path will be able to embrace encouraging thoughts to help them on their journey. We hope others will understand the meaning in the words of the Collective and accelerate their own knowing so they can help others manifest an ongoing mission of hope. I often say, just as no two stars are alike, no two flowers are alike, no two snowflakes are alike… no two humans are alike. We each have our own unique gifts, skills, and talents that need to be shared with humanity. As we individually cultivate and grow our gifts, together, we can and will make a difference. As we weave our own special thread in the fabric of humanity, we help to strengthen the cloth. As we heal the pain of the past, respect, and enjoy the gift of the now, we will create a beautiful future for humanity. By honoring each other and our precious Mother Earth, with each contributing our own unique skill, we WILL make a difference.

As we hold ourselves in a higher vibrational state, we manifest positive energy while holding the light of love and peace for all. If you would like individual guidance or assistance, please reach out to me, enroll in a class, or join one of our empowerment discussion groups.

Many Blessings on Your Path of High-level Vibration,
Lois Hermann

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