Happy Memorial Day 2021… I hope you enjoyed this drizzly, long weekend. As you work around the house or visit with friends, reflect on those who made a difference in your life. Take a moment to honor all those who have impacted our lives… living and past, soldiers and peacemakers, family and friends, precious pets, and places that bring fond memories. There are many things that affect who we are based on the heritage that we hold in our DNA. It is said history is written by the victors, the conquerors, while the stories of the conquered go untold. What if we knew the real truth? What if we had a concept of what actually happened in days of old, that we may learn from situations to make informed choices with updated awareness, and hopefully, improved outcomes.

People are remembered by the stories told of them. Often, only glowing positive stories are expressed, while the shadow side is buried with the person. Some speak only of negative impressions, while positive intentions are suppressed and forgotten. What if all stories were shared so a more complete picture could be painted of the individual or situation? If we tell only uplifting stories, a false sense of reality is created with a hard act to follow for future generations. If only divisive stories are told, an imperfect sense of who the person strove to be is depicted or the lessons from the situation are lost.

My dear friend and colleague, hypnosis, NLP, and energy expert, Kathy Kubacki joins me on the show today to share musings, memories, and much more on topics related to our current state of existence, and discuss what we each can do to shift our patterns toward healthy, wholeness, and happiness.

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