Do you feel overweight, out of shape, and like you are too old to make a change? I did! Then… a few months ago I invested in myself and changed my health. With just two – 20-minute workouts each week, in my own home, I am now stronger, more flexible, healthier, and feel much more fit.

Between Sharon’s recipes to quell the cravings and Gregg’s gentle strength training instructions, I’ve gone from a steadily growing menopot to actually seeing and feeling my waist again!

By background, I’m a dancer and was never really good at strength training. Yet with Gregg’s patience, and workouts that are tailored to my body’s unique limitations, I can now hold 20 LB weights – which is a huge milestone for me! In addition to making healthier choices, especially eliminating sugar, I’ve trimmed some weight and feel incredibly great!

If you want to be thinner, fitter, stronger, and have better balance, I highly recommend Gregg and Sharon Hoffman’s Urban Pump and their 2-by-20 plan. Approaching 70 years young, I have seized the opportunity to welcome new physical health habits that will sustain my body through this next phase of life. I am so grateful for Greg and Sharon’s wisdom and kind assistance to help me achieve my healthy body goals!

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