Happy Halloween!!! What does that really mean? A time when children of all ages dress up in scary costumes and are sent door to door accepting candy from strangers? We decorate our houses and yards to venerate lost souls and graveyards. Why do we do this? It’s a tradition you say… Is it really a healthy tradition to frighten our peaceful children into a state of anxiety? It is also healthy to encourage them to consume large amounts of sugar from who knows where… creating metabolic imbalance and possibly consuming toxic substances? Is it truly healthy to celebrate demonic activity, venerate witchcraft, and embrace scary goblins? This stuff is very real.

It’s all in fun you say… I question how far afield we have come from the original intent of the holiday which stems from the Druid celebration of Samhain (Sawheen). The autumn season is a time when the veils or boundaries between dimensions are the thinnest. Special ceremonies were held to help the souls of those newly departed cross into the light. So the original intention was pure and truly holy. It has evolved. Similar to the ghost sighting parties where people poke fun at the ghosts or spirits, our modern Halloween has become a time when we mock these lost souls that need assistance. People emphasize the shadow aspects of witchcraft and invite spell casting, which is very real and quite dangerous. Our team often sees people who have inadvertently invited in nasty energetic beings that cause extreme disruption.

Instead of making fun of the poor lost souls, our amazing Angel Team serves to rescue the lost souls, listens to their stories with compassion, and assists them to a place of healing and peace. We also investigate, block, and deflect the curses cast by real-life witches, both modern and ancient. These spells interfere with the recipient’s quality of life on so many levels. Today, I am delighted to have our A-Team with us to share some favorite real-life ghost stories that will make you look at Halloween a little bit differently. Join us on Sunday to chat with our A-Team Soul Family: Brian Hill, Lois Hermann, Mary Fisher, Christine Peck, and Ann Bordeleau.

Adams Family Theme Song – https://youtu.be/ZZ5IWRz78DY
Ghostbusters: https://youtu.be/cU4qbnNmxWA
This Little Light of Mine: https://youtu.be/NsbRIg-ebWg