Deepest gratitude to a very special client for sharing her healing journey. Julie offered wonderful details about the assistance that our team was honored to offer.

Ancestral Healing

Your team helped to send many Ancestors into the light which was very freeing for our living family. We all felt lighter and a deep peace. I am very thankful to Lois, Christine, and Ann.

Removing Entities

Most people have some entities [spirits] in their field. They were all lifted into the light. Chakras were cleared especially around the Heart for me. There is now a softness in the heart area.

Physical Healing

I was suffering from exhausted adrenals. Being a caregiver for my elderly and dying family members for 5 years, caused me to be emotionally and physically weakened. All three healers, Lois, Ann, and Christine helped me and my family to be well and free of any spiritual energies that needed cleansing from all our energy bodies.

Personal Connections

Restored the presence of my personal Dragon. We are a family with strong connections to the earth. A family of healers going back many generations. We know we are a group of old souls.

Clearing Troubling Neighbor Difficulties

Cleared the difficulties of a troubled neighbor who was impacting the family, our personal space, and our backyard over a 6-year period. He did not regret his unpleasant actions. At first, we did not know what we had done wrong to receive such difficult behavior from this man.

This man was chucking quantities of food waste into our yard that attracted wildlife which was also impacting other neighbors. He nailed a “do not dog foul” notice to our garage wall when we had to give up garage rentals as my family was too old to rent garages out anymore. He tried to start a fight when a boundary fence needed to be replaced. At the time my father was dying at home which this unpleasant neighbor knew. Thankfully we had the protection of a large burly fence fitter who had met characters like this neighbor in the past and cooled this character down with his strong male presence. We wanted to deal with this fence fitting in a civilized manner.

At one point we called the local police service department for help just after my dad had died. The police advised us to go to our Parish Council for help. The Parish Council Vice Chairmen stopped this man’s bad behavior by going to his home and talking with him about his anti-social behavior. It was made clear to him that if he carried on abusing his neighbors he would be reported to the Borough Council and fined.

This difficult man then came and stared into our sitting room window and looked at us with an angry expression. Dad had recently died, so Mum and I ignored him completely. At the time we were numb with grief and in a way, this protected us from this unpleasant man. This was a very difficult experience. We felt targeted by this unusual man.

Lois and her team discovered this neighbor had a Reptilian Entity Hybrid in his field that he had picked up in his teens. While we knew him as a man in his late seventies, this hybrid reptile entity needed removing. Once done, his field healed so he no longer troubled our family. He has not bothered us since. Thank God he’s now gone from our world.

Our family are catalysts for people who need healing. Over the years people with issues come to us and play out their troubles or problems. Then sometimes they get more than they bargained for because through us Spirit heals them. They go away from us wondering why they feel different and set free from their afflictions. Yes, we healed them, sometimes with the help of other Professional Healer Associates like Lois, Christine, and Ann. Bless these wonderful ladies. It is such a relief for us that this emotionally messed up neighbor has moved on. Phew!

Mediumistic Work

Father passed away on 20.02.2022. He appeared in spirit form so the family was reassured he had made it to the heavenly realms and was healed from his earthly life. With the assistance from Lois and Christine, my Dad is now able to connect with us from Spirit clearly. This is precious and truly magical for the family.

Mum is now dying. She is 88 years old and Dad is waiting for her in spirit to be there just as she passes out of her body to escort her to the heavenly realms. Lois and Ann helped me to cleanse Mum of any entities. She had been abducted as a young woman by peaceful aliens and had some of her DNA removed. Lois and Ann were able to release the memory of this old energy, so when her time comes, Mum can pass easily/smoothly into the light as she releases her physical body. It felt special to release Mum from her earthly/spirit experiences which no longer serve her. She is peaceful now and cheerful in the final phase of her life. She is “Certified” Blind with a terminal Heart and she still has a bright mind with no Dementia.

Checking the Earth Vortex

We have an earth vortex in our yard which Lois and Christine checked out. This relates to earth energy lines around the planet which run through part of our local village and across our backyard to a wild patch at the bottom of the yard. It is always a little open. Lois and Christine confirmed the Vortex is in a peaceful state. What a relief.

A Quieter Life

We seem to have covered nearly all of Lois, Ann, and Christine’s healing services. This team is talented, and sincere, and works with good grace to help with all sorts of spiritual issues that need clearing. Love to these wonderful ladies from the Weatherley family, those on earth and those in spirit. We now have a quieter life. The family can now conduct our lives through these challenging times in this planet’s history more smoothly. We are thankful to have met you and your team. The team worked with integrity, respect, and peaceful kindness so as the clients, we felt safe.

Anyone in need of spiritual assistance could use the services of this special team. One should never be afraid to discuss any issue with these Professional Energy Workers as they will listen with an open mind and heart to your story and assist you to have inner peace.

Julie Weatherley & Family