How many of you are fighting for truth? Or at least staying curious and asking questions. There is so much deception in our world today… and it has been there for a long, long time. Many of us are lifting the veils… clearing the smoke screen… pulling back the curtain to reveal the wizards behind the false illusions that have existed for generations.

There are many courageous individuals who are exploring rabbit holes looking for clues, and reporting on what they find. Yet their voices are shot down by our media-programmed brothers and sisters. What if we could lift the veil of illusion and help others to truly see both the atrocities committed, along with the resilient potential for positive outcomes? With eyes wide open, what if we could reach beyond the false in order to emphasize, enhance, and empower the truth?

My special guest and gentle friend, Joe Rosati is here to share his thoughts on what it is like to be a composer, musician, producer, and podcaster in a world where he is fighting for you… while many are fighting with him. His new production “Lifting Veils” invites you to lift the veils of illusion to embrace truth. Enjoy this special musical creation which was released on iTunes just this week! Remember… Joe Rosati… Lifting Veils…

Music: Lifting Veils –

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Joe Rosati ~ LIFTING VEILS in 432Hz