Glenna shares her life-changing experience with us and regularly gives us insights from her meditations. Here is one of her messages from Yeshua:

My Dear Ones,

Your lights are beacons of hope to My struggling children just as lighthouses are to the lost ships at sea. After being tossed turned and beaten down by the harsh waves of life you guide them safely to their harbors where they may repair and rebuild their lives, as ships do after being storm-tossed and damaged.

Your love lights are shining brighter than the stars. When you gather as a team to work, your lights become a huge beam that is seen across the universe. Each time you free another one of my children your light becomes even more powerful, blinding the evil in the world so they can no longer operate in your realm. In fact, because of your light illuminating the earth, evil is being rounded up and removed by my Angel armies. Your work is being exponentially multiplied… Tenfold.

Remember, when you are weary I will give you rest. When you are discouraged I will raise you up. And when you become downtrodden I will bring you joy. Lean on me. I will renew your strength. I love you more than you could fathom.