We all have hopes and dreams both personal and professional. Some of these dreams have come to pass while others have faded away as far-distant memories. Many have given up on hopes or dreams… deeming them impossible. Yet dreams are the seeds of manifestation. What if we could create and live the impossible dream?

There is so much trouble and turmoil in our world that some turn a blind eye… they don’t even care to look at what is going on around them. Remember, Martin Luther King Jr. said; “To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.” We have ignored it for far too long. Others get so stuck in the pain they become paralyzed by fear or lash out in anger, which only fuels the fires of separation. How can we explore, discover, and truly understand the challenges we are facing in our world while keeping our vibe high enough to manifest a desired positive outcome for humanity?

Our guides have told us they can give us guidance when we ask, but they cannot cause us to take the initiative… taking the step is up to us. So how do we step up without being dragged down? Sometimes we run into difficulties. But with tenacity and dedication to our cause, we stand back up and take another step. As we find others who are courageously stepping forward and standing in their truth, we know we are on the right path. Vet carefully those you can trust and reach out to support those who are true to the cause. Because together, we are winning our freedoms, our liberties, and taking our lives back. As we embrace the impossible, we are creating and making manifest the possible dream.

Joining today’s show is a retired teacher, a multi-dimensional healing facilitator, a protector of earth, a space-force emissary, a native Huna, a visionary, and an incredibly lovely person. Hi Ma-Na Kuia also known as Michelle Schiau, is with us to share thoughts on how she sees our country and our world surviving and thriving through this exciting period of change.

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