Last year was full of surprises, exposure, and awareness-building. Wouldn’t we like to know what’s in store for us this new year? As we learn from our past our goal should be to implement and apply that knowledge toward making new choices for this day that will ultimately affect our future. We experience life on many levels that allow growth into our true selves with memories that were forgotten as we came into this lifetime.

We learn and develop tools for growth as we move forward. There are many tools that our ancestors used with great awareness over the eons of time. One of these tools is the awareness and understanding of the energy involved in our planetary systems. They knew the cosmic push and pull of energy elicited by these huge moving bodies influences our lives directly and indirectly.

Those with awareness of our cosmic systems have the ability to study star patterns that guided the ancient Mayans, Egyptians, and native cultures around the world. Let us look to the stars and see what they may tell us about where we are today and what we might expect in the near future. With me in today’s show is Kaila Chiron Krankle, an expert in astrological cycles, who shares insights for our future. Allow your wise minds to expand your thoughts and explore what may be in store for the cycles of change this new year. Lot’s to learn about planet-based houses, sun, moon, and ascent aspects, plus intercepted charts and gregorian vs. astrological calendars.

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