Protection Outside and Inside

What a lovely fall! Here in New England, the weather has been nice, yet cooler, the leaves have been glorious, and I personally love bringing out colorful scarfs, fun sox, warm hats, and snuggly gloves. It is time to protect our physical bodies from the changing weather patterns. Those who live in colder climates understand that we don’t go outside without appropriate protection. Are we also doing what we can to protect our bodies on the inside from the seasonal shifts in temperature and increased exposure to germs during the colder seasons? As the hours of sunshine decrease for the winter, we need to increase our intake of Vitamins like D and C to boost our energy and enhance our levels of protection. Many understand the importance of regularly taking multi-vitamins and certain supplements, now it is more important than ever. We need to make a habit of building our immune system with healthy eating, good sleep, fresh air, simple movement, and increasing the amount of minerals that may be depleted in our bodies. In the Timeless Wellness Remedies radio show we speak with Susan Keefe, a homeopathic expert who helps shed light on what we can do for prevention, protection, and healing this season. She has proven homeopathic remedies for a wide variety of symptoms, including those associated with covid and toxic exposure.

I typically work to help people boost their mental-emotional-spiritual immune systems by shifting toxic energy that drains us and the negative mind-talk that ultimately affects our physical bodies. When we’re mired in a downward spiral of stinking thinking, we lower our vibrational energy and can become the target for low-level energies that further deplete our vitality. The Collective tells us that fear causes sickness to humans and those who are healthier must drink in the Light of positive energy. Fear, being the oldest emotion, was created with all forms of energy and was intended to create balance. Fear is the instinct necessary to protect humans from doing something foolish or harmful. As humans developed intelligence, they forfeited many instincts, yet fear was not one of them. Recently, humanity has been steeped in extreme fear. It’s as if a cancer of fear-based negativity has infected us. As this toxic energy spreads, it eats away at healthy lives and erodes the vital flesh of our families. What if we could neutralize this insidious disease and establish a strong, healthy foundation based on healthy energy and hope?

There Is a Cure For Every Disease

Fear thoughts lead to worry, stress, anger, insomnia, and addictive behavior, which typically results in poor health. Many clients see me for issues related to low energy, especially those rooted in fear. When individuals work to raise their vibrational energy through positive thought and hope, they ultimately achieve a state of acceptance and strength through determination, which leads to contentment, peace, and joy. It is up to the individual to actively keep their energy clear and positive by thinking uplifting thoughts, calling on elevated energy through prayer and meditation, and asking for assistance from high-level spirits that surround us. An essential part of any healing process is for a person to take responsibility for their healing. There are infinite types of physical and spiritual practices that resonate with individuals to enhance their energy. Over time and with consistent effort, people can sustain a lasting change toward healthy energy, a transformation that is so needed across all of humanity right now.

It seems many are struggling with a variety of health issues today. Our physical body is essential to human life. It is important that we take care of our vessel to sustain health, and in the process, grow through experience. In Chronicles of Hope, Jesus tells us, “There is a cure for every disease, and the cure is unique to each individual.” There are many who have healed themselves from debilitating illnesses with natural treatments and mental shifts. Timeless remedies are found in nature that were used by indigenous cultures around the world before big pharma took over our medical systems. From Native American practices to Celtic cures, to Oriental herbal remedies and meridian balancing techniques such as acupuncture, integrating these ancient healing methods as holistic practices will assist our healing journey. As we embrace wholesome lifestyle changes, toxic substance avoidance, gentle body movement, homeopathic remedies, Reiki, mindfulness practices, and hypnosis techniques we serve to heal ourselves.

Natural Health Remedies

Natural health experts also explain that eating food that is grown in the area we live in gives us exactly the nutrients we need to sustain ourselves in that season. Eating locally grown food gives us improved health and fortifies us for regional weather based on where we live. For instance, spinach is grown in the spring and helps to dry up dampness in our bodies from exposure to wet weather. Tomatoes grown in the summer, provide needed moisture when we are dry. Squash and apples that are prolific in the fall, give us needed nutrients to sustain our health through the cold winter months. The more seasonal and locally grown food we eat, the healthier our bodies will be. Shopping locally is not only good for local growers but has major health benefits for us as consumers.

We are also communal beings and thrive on being connected with one another in our communities, as well as being connected to higher sources of wisdom. Be sure to employ regular forms of prayer as an invitation to commune with helpful energies of the light. These should be comforting, loving, and above all, positive energies. As you embrace your own method of prayer, you assist in your spiritual health and wellness. There are many forms of prayer from meditation, to chanting, singing, drumming, or dreaming. Whether you vocalize your thoughts out loud or have a quiet conversation in your mind, it should be spontaneous and uplifting. The spiritual connection could be as simple as a mindful walk in the woods, thanking nature for the air we breathe, acknowledging the trees that give us oxygen, and appreciating the birds who share their songs. When people connect with the power of prayer in their own way, they feel less alone, more safe, and experience the magic of miraculous healing. Embracing nature is one of the strongest themes emphasized in the teachings of the Collective. When we share the energy of light through prayer, we also receive a dose of amazing energy in return.

Universal Prayer for Peace

Please join us in a Universal Prayer for Peace every day *8 at 8… 1-8 minutes at 8:00 am or pm or both – wherever you are. If we spend a few minutes morning or night to send prayer, light, love, gratitude, compassion, hope, and positive energy, we will be a small ripple in this large pond of humanity. Help us send a wave of prayer-filled energy that will traverse the world in a continuous cycle. Together, we will make a difference!

May you be blessed with health and wellness this autumn season and share gratitude for all that you hold dear in body, mind, and spirit.

Many Blessings,
Lois Hermann