What a lovely fall! Here in New England, the weather has been nice, the leaves have been glorious, and I personally love bringing out colorful scarfs, fun sox, warm hats, and snuggly gloves. It is time to protect our physical bodies from the changing weather patterns. Those who live in colder climates understand that we don’t go outside without appropriate protection. Are we also doing what we can to protect our bodies on the inside from the seasonal shifts in temperature and increased exposure to germs during the colder seasons? As the hours of sunshine decrease for the winter, we need to increase our intake of Vitamins like D and C to boost our energy and enhance our levels of protection. Many understand the importance of regularly taking multi-vitamins and certain supplements, now it is more important than ever. We need to make a habit of building our immune system with healthy eating, good sleep, fresh air, simple movement, and increasing the amount of minerals that may be depleted in our bodies. Today we speak with Susan Keefe, a homeopathic expert who helps shed light on what we can do for prevention, protection, and healing this season.