Stories from Beyond the Veil

Working in the unseen world for 30 years, I have had many spooky experiences with ghosts, dark energies, and evil spirits. Fortunately, my work in clearing the negative energies associated with many of those scary experiences has brought clarity, joy, peace, and hope to my clients who have suffered extreme distress. Today is All Saints Day, traditionally celebrated the day after Halloween by many religions. Halloween originated over a thousand years ago in Ireland and Britain where it was loosely borrowed from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. This is a sacred, hallowed, time when the veil between the spiritual and physical worlds is thin enough to connect with unseen spirits. It was a custom of early Christians to come together on the eve of All Hallows Day, lighting bonfires, and wearing costumes to ward off spirits while asking for God’s blessing and protection from the evil in the world.

In some religions, tomorrow is All Souls Day, a time where prayers are offered for the troubled souls who have passed and are what some say are stuck in purgatory, a place of transition. It’s the perfect time of year to share one client’s experience of spiritual evil and horror, along with the mental and emotional healing that resulted from a spiritual clearing. Permission was given for me to share this story… of an angry child and a mother who attempted to do everything in her power to help, yet felt helpless and was left wondering what happened that made this child so hateful. This is a story of spiritual horror that was inflicted on an innocent child by unseen sources, with a happy ending where mother and child received a new lease on life. (Names have been changed.)

Great suffering at the expense of external sources

Deb reached out to me with a very sad story about her 13-year-old adopted daughter, Mia. For several months, Mia had refused to get out of bed, bathe, eat, or do anything but scream at her mother. She was full of hate, in a constant rage with rants of suicide, specifically talking about jumping. Ultimately, she had to be taken to a psychiatric hospital where they wanted to put her on heavy meds to calm her anger. As a mother, Deb knew in her heart that there had to be another way. Deb said that Mia had always been emotionally challenging, angry, and defiant. She had been adopted from China as a baby; however, the paperwork had been lost and she stayed in the orphanage until she was 17 months old. Even as a toddler, Mia had extreme temper tantrums, screaming and yelling at seemingly nothing. At one point she spontaneously told Deb, “My first mommy died. She had very curly hair.”

In school, Mia was a loner, with no friends, and expressed feeling isolated from the world. Deb’s relationship with Mia had always been strained. The only person Mia was close to was her adopted father, who had died from cancer two years earlier. Deb’s own mother often spoke of Mia having “demons” and wondered if she was possessed. The therapists said they had never seen anything quite like her. I decided to do a remote spiritual clearing of her energy to see what may be happening in the unseen world that was affecting her, while she was still in the hospital.

Working at a distance with one of my consultants, we found Mia’s aura to be completely black and could sense that she was in a lot of pain from numerous attached entities. The blackness around her had a big thick heavy tree limb-sized tail that seemed to go back to the old country, her birth country. This energy was definitely ancestral and was full of hate and evil. The darkness was suctioned to her and very powerful. We traced the origin of the tail back to the orphanage she came from. This energy was very strong and nasty, like a bully that said, “We must exterminate the girls.” We called for assistance from the Light and a loving man came to assist. We discovered it was the spirit of her father who was attempting to help, yet his energy was not strong enough to deal with the entity. It was resistant, fighting, and very nasty. When we called in Archangel Michael the nasty suddenly quit fighting and let go. This took quite a while; however, we were able to pull the darkness off, shroud it in light and Archangel Michael took it away. We surrounded her young body with beautiful white light and were able to boost her auric energy at least a little.

The next day, when Deb went to see Mia in the hospital, Mia was calm, and looked peacefully at her and said, “Mommy, do you know that I love you?” Deb almost fainted. The change was immediate and dramatic. Mia told her mother that she had a dream about someone coming to fight the demons around her. Somehow, she sensed we were there to help and was grateful. We did several subsequent remote clearings where we removed more stragglers—nothing quite as ominous as the initial nasty we pulled off. Mia would sense when we were working on her and would let her mother know we had visited. We had an opportunity to speak with her over the phone and gave her some suggestions to keep her energy strong. She told us she sensed us working on the demons around her. She was very aware of what was going on and eager to do what she could to protect herself. Mia started feeling much better, became more engaged in life, and was responding beautifully to the remote sessions.

When I was able to do some in-person sessions with Mia, she told me that all she ever saw were demons around her and really wanted to know if she had angels around her. While in trance, we initially identified a few Earth-bound spirits around her. One was a woman named Ruth who had passed away and said she came to be with Mia when she was 4 years old. Ruth was very sad and told us she died when she jumped off a bridge, which would explain Mia’s feelings of wanting to jump. When a spirit is attached to us, they can affect us greatly by their own feelings and emotions. Mia also identified the spirits of five other children who had been with her in the orphanage. They were scared, nervous, and confused. Mia finally met her beautiful guardian angel who took all of the lost children into the light.

The angel brought Mia a gift… her dad! He was happy, glowing, and told her how sorry he was for leaving her. Mia was in tears and expressed a lot of anger at him for leaving her yet was able to understand and forgive him. They spent time together bonding in a meadow. Finally, she connected with her birth mother who she found to be very angry at having to abandon her baby. Mia was able to forgive her birth mother for giving her away and seemed to understand that her mother only wanted the best for her baby girl. Mia agreed to live her life to the fullest, which is what her mother wanted for her. She saw herself in the future, happy and smiling, and received the message that “it’s going to be ok.” She wrapped herself in a beautiful bubble of light and expressed feeling safe, protected, and calm. In a very short time, Mia went from being angry, having no friends, feeling helpless and hopeless, to being wonderfully engaged in life, with friends, laughter, and a feeling that she would like to be either a pediatric neurosurgeon or a pastry chef! Deb was exceedingly grateful. She emphatically said we saved her daughter’s and her own life.

Deb shared this heartfelt message…

My thirteen-year-old daughter was adopted from China. She has always been strong-willed and challenging. Since January, things were out of control. She would not go to school, not get out of bed. She was defiant, obstinate, and just mean as a snake. There was nothing I could do. I took her to doctors, and all they wanted to do was put her on tons of medication. In my heart, I really thought there was something else we needed to find. I am so grateful that I was led on the path toward you. I gave it up to the universe and it led me to you.

These sessions have made all the difference in the world to us, to that child. Her whole being became lighter. Within days, she stopped the defiance, she no longer had the evil, nasty look in her eyes. She stopped trying to pick fights and actually seemed to have a sense of quiet and calm for the first time in her life. I cannot tell you how much your work has changed our lives. My daughter now has friends for the first time. She actually has friends who are asking her to do things with them. She never had friends before. She always kept to herself and never even sat with anyone at lunch. I believe she knew in her heart there was evil there, holding her back. It is just not part of her anymore.

She is now free to explore who she wants to be. I think this experience has been wonderful and so easy. I would absolutely recommend your energy clearing sessions to other people. I know families who have adopted children from other countries who have had real issues. They would really benefit from what you offer. I can’t thank you enough.”

Blessings to dear ones who suffer without knowing

I have helped so many children to release negative energies or lost souls from around them. I have also assisted dozens of adopted children to communicate with their birth mothers to find out what happened and come to a place of closure and self-acceptance, and peace. Helping thousands of lost souls, earthbound spirits, and nasty entities into the light has been part of my life’s mission. My amazing team and I do this spiritual energy clearing work to bring the light of hope and peace to individuals, communities, and our world. We work with amazing high-level beings from the Light who are pure love and exude incredibly positive energy. They help us to connect each person with their own loving helpers to bring peace, joy and hope to all.

In our world today, humanity is facing incredible darkness from negative energies and entities that have the ability to take control of individuals. There is a definite battle going on between good and evil in our world. In the Chronicles of Hope book series, the Collective of guardians gave us insight as to what we need to do to shift the energy individually and collectively. You can find out more about it at The Archangels tell us if you get caught up in the sadness, despair, and fear being portrayed by certain influential people, you are snared in an illusionary web created by evil. If you even make the attempt… you can ask for clarity to see beyond the illusion and discern for yourselves those who are shining the light of hope, peace, and goodness. So much deception is out there that you have to dig for the truth for yourselves… When you look beyond the illusion to the deeds that have brought peace to our world, and positive energy to the people, you will find those who are embraced by and embracing the light.

My team and I have learned to be able to clearly discern those of darkness and of light. We are dedicated to helping others who are ready to embrace the light… those who seek the truth… to help them move beyond the darkness into light. It only takes a few lightworkers to make a difference in our world. We are doing our part. Those who are stuck in the illusion may never awaken to the empowering light of ascension. Some will wake in time. I hope and pray they awaken in time to assist in truly embracing the new golden era of grace… Welcome to the age of Aquarius.

Many Blessings for a Positive, Inspiring, and Grateful Season of Hope,
Lois Hermann

“The message is important, and you do have to get it out there, and you have to get it out there quickly.
Humanity doesn’t realize how little time it has left.
Humanity has a choice and it is a very simple choice.
Either they learn to live together, or face extinction.”
– Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn Chronicles of Hope: The Collective

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