Are you a Trump supporter? Come out of the closet and jump on the bandwagon to help Make America Great Again. Do you realize that Donald J. Trump was the only president to bring us 4 years of world peace? Do you agree we could use peace again?

Listen to this discussion with Michael McEleney – Trump’s NH Campaign Director for Hillsborough County. He shares insights into the Trump campaign, including upcoming rallies that lead up to the January primary.

Trump will be at UNH in Durham, NH on Saturday, December 16th and Kari Lake is in NH today, December 7th!!!

Learn about what you can do to get involved. There are opportunities to volunteer, as well as internship, part-time, and full-time paid positions available.

Register for the rallies at the website listed below. Send an email to Michael to request VIP tickets. See you there!!!
[email protected]

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