What are you commemorating this Memorial Day? We should be celebrating those who have lost their lives so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have. As we come together in our communities to lift our energy, we raise the vibrational frequency among all those around us. We are fascinating frequency-generating machines. Vibrational frequency is everything!

Human vibrational energy affects and is affected by our thoughts, emotions, and physical health. When we are vibrating in higher, suffagio-enhancing frequencies, we resonate at soothing positive energetic vibrations. When we vibrate in unhealthy, disturbing, or toxic frequencies we resonate with distracting detrimental energies that lower our vibrational health and can be sensed by others around us. Many empathic people have the ability to instinctively sense vibrational energy and don’t really understand what is happening. They intuitively sense an attraction to… or a distraction from another person place or thing. Their magnetic energy is either attracted or repelled by the other. It is based on laws of physics, specifically, the law of attraction. What we vibrate at is what we attract or repel.

My guest today is a vibrational frequency expert. Doug White has been in the music industry for most of his life and recognized early on the important role vibrational frequency has on everything around us. A business owner, purveyor of truth, and the main Audio-Visual Technician for Screw Big Gov and the Truth Tour, Doug has much insight to share on the importance of vibrational energy in our lives.

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Music: The Logical Song – Supertramp – https://youtu.be/low6Coqrw9Y