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Have you noticed all the chaos and changes in our world? From crazy news reports to unusual weather cycles to different people showing up in your life, are you shifting how you see and feel about the world around you? Are you prepared for change? Change is here, and change is good. It is part of the growth and renewal process. Seasons change, daylight changes, and life changes… moment to moment we must change, or we get stuck, stagnate, and shrink. In this show, special guest Rev. Kat Carroll shares secret insights about how she was inspired to prepare for change and empowered her own self-healing miracle.

Here’s a link to the presentation Kat referenced in our discussion on Quantum Healing and Manifestation. Kat says this is part of her journey and shares a few of the experiences she’s had, leading to why she believes as she does. We are all connected and to something so much greater than our individual selves, which are still magnificent. Once we accept that reality, we become anointed, Christed, and can do as Jesus taught. Heal…

Rev Kat – [email protected]
Crystal Blue Persuasion – https://youtu.be/Dn5Pbug5nRw