How do we bridge the ancient earth-based customs into a future world of galactic awareness? We are living in historic times, with people being awakened to their mission, their purpose, and their vision of where our world will be in the not-too-distant future. Here on planet earth, many are evolving beyond the 3D mundane physical plane to explore beyond and beneath. As we open to a more expanded awareness, we come into contact with the elemental worlds long spoken of in myth and lore. From connecting with the energy of trees, to communicating with giants, fairies, and inner earth dragons, we are discovering or uncovering their amazingly pure essence and how we are truly interconnected. Connecting deeper into Mother Earth, we have the ability to also expand into that great universal unseen beyond.

I am delighted to shine the light today on an extraordinarily bright light warrior today. Katie Raine is an amazingly awakened individual who brings incredible new information to our world. In addition to being a skilled earthly pilot, she is a future plasma ship pilot. Embracing the spirit of an ancient Huna, she works with her guided team to connect with the life force energy of our beloved Gaia, clearing the darkness, and creating a positive energy path to welcome a new stargate system. Get ready for a fascinating discussion as Katie shares her incredible story, traveling to fulfill her mission of bringing our world into a new generation of awareness. She will gently, beautifully, and knowingly help to open your mind to a greater recognition of what you may already know deep inside.

YouTube: Katie Raine
Music: Nahko & Medicine for People:

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