“Hope raises vibrational energy.
The more hope we have, the higher the energy rises.”
— Anquietas

Turmoil to Tranquility

Do you have a knowing that you are here at this time in history on a mission with a deep sense of purpose… yet feel blocked in your progress or stuck on your path? Are you deeply concerned about what is happening in our world or have visions that are alarming? Are you sensitive to the world around you and feel empathic to the energetic struggles of so many? You may be a star seed… a way-shower… a lightworker who has incredible gifts to help serve humanity through this time of transition… from turmoil to tranquility.

Many of us intuitively know we are here for a reason, yet wish to more fully embrace our gifts, skills, and talents. My team was blessed to receive important guided messages to inspire hope for humanity and illuminate the lightworkers to embrace their power. As outlined in the Chronicles of Hope series, our Guides encourage us to learn (or remember) simple tools for protection, healing, and empowerment to raise our vibrational frequency individually and collectively. It is the warriors of light who are here to shift the collective consciousness of this planet. Together, we are the bridge to help usher in a time of grace, peace, love, and tranquility with gratitude.

The Anquietas tell us: “If you want to put the world in a positive, healing place, remember this: the act of wanting something generates a feeling of want, which is negative, adding to the problem. Believe positively that things are better or are on the road to improvement. This thinking creates positive energy. There is a difference between wanting, believing, and knowing. Knowing is the best, the strongest. Knowing how the world should be… generates the strongest positive force. Do uplifting activities, simple things that create joy in your life, and think positive, grateful, and hopeful thoughts while doing them.”

Be the Bridge

There are many who are resonating in fear, anger, and despair, especially right now. Some believe hope is not enough, you can’t be happy until you reach a state of peace and love. Yes, it would be wonderful to always be in a state of bliss, however, we are living on a planet of challenges, especially when dealing with some people, places, and practices. It is difficult for those resonating in the lower vibrational energy to jump immediately into a higher vibrational state of peace. They need a bridge, a stepping stone… a little hope. Hope gives people something to hold onto that helps them look for a potential positive outcome at this present moment. Now is truly all there is. The past is only a memory that sometimes holds remorse, pain, and sadness. When we ruminate over memories of past woes, we hold onto lower vibrational energy, causing us to resonate lower and we re-manifest more of the same.

The future is written only in our minds. When we worry over what might be, we create the lower energy to make what we hold in our minds manifest. We create with our thoughts, coupled with the actions we take each day. Strive to encounter daily difficulties with truth, honesty, and integrity. Tell yourself: “Only good will come of this.” and make a choice with the best intention. This is a tried and true way to move through any problematic situation. The secret of creating a loving happy life is living and loving in the present moment. As we welcome the day with a hopeful heart and an attitude of gratitude for the good we currently have, we create more goodness. Asking our Guides for assistance with life’s little twists and turns allows us to create a magical life where we truly appreciate all that is good… and the cycle of goodness continues.

Empower Our Future

As we empower ourselves to rise above the stressors, we create a life that continues to get better and better. When we enjoy the life we have created at the moment, while taking a little time to imagine a hopeful outcome, we stimulate even higher energy vibrations that cause the hoped-for outcome to manifest. This is how we make the future manifest, one day at a time. We know in our hearts that the sun will come up tomorrow and shines brightly even above the clouds. Let us use our knowing to hold high vibrational energy and apply this knowing that all will work out better than expected in our world as well.

We invite you to embrace our Inspiring Hope programs to grow and glow on your path for empowerment. As we work to shift the energy of our beautiful planet, we welcome the magic and miracles that have been hidden for far too long. Meanwhile, look up, stay positive, and be the light in someone’s day.

Many Blessings,
Lois Hermann & Team Hope