Are You A Lightworker?

How do you know if you are a Lightworker? If you are wondering about it… then you probably are! Lightworkers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, cultures, ages, and professions. Their common thread is the driving desire to be of service. Often selfless to the point of giving too much of themselves, many feel frustrated that they cannot do more. They have a deep sense of being here on a mission, yet feel consistently obstructed in their path and blocked in their connection to their Divine Source. Looking and longing for inspired direction, all the while feeling the connection they receive is intermittent, disconnected, or doubtful.

As empaths, Lightworkers are regularly exposed to others’ negative energy and need to learn how to protect themselves, lest they become burdened. We have been asked to create a training to teach Lightworkers just that… simple ways to protect their energy and keep their family members safe from external interference. Our new L.E.I.T Program (Lightworker Energy Integrity Training) is a modular program that will be introduced on 9/11. You will receive 3 modules that you view on your own… one each for Protection, Healing, and Empowerment. On 9/28 we will host a webinar for attendees to join our team of Energy Clearing & Alignment Experts who will share their special tips and techniques to help you on your journey. Read more and register for the L.E.I.T Program HERE.

Energy Interference

Over the past several months our amazing team has discovered multiple types of interference devices that have caused extreme disruption to our precious Lightworkers. These implants cause a wide variety of interruptions from physical health issues, to personal questioning, to a lack of connection with inner guidance systems, and disrupted connection with Source. It is tragic that these very special people, humanity’s brightest lights, have suffered greatly from these devious devices that have caused such disturbance in their quality of life. As we discover, dismantle and dissolve these implanted devices, the person gains a clear connection to Divine Source, awakens to their mission, and is able to embrace their true purpose in being here at this moment in time. As much as it is heartbreaking to observe what has happened to cause such emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual pain in their past, to be a participant in the awakening and empowerment of these precious Lightworkers is beyond rewarding. Check out this list of potential issues that most Lightworkers experience.

If you feel as if you are a star-seed or lightworker who has been blocked in your mission, take a look at the list we have compiled from others like you. Start with registering for the L.E.I.T Program, to discover ways to protect your energy. Then schedule your 3-Session Energy Clearing program with us to dissolve any devices and jump-start your journey on your path to empowerment. We are very busy assisting these wonderful star-seeds and could use more hands on deck! If you are interested in learning how to assist others in this meaningful way, we offer our Energy Clearing & Alignment Certification training that starts in January 2023.

We look forward to assisting you on your Path for Empowerment.

Blessings of Light,
Lois Hermann & Team