Have you ever wondered why the world is the way it is? Do you look at all of the madness and think there is no hope for change? Are you feeling helpless to make any difference? What if I told you the healing of humanity starts with you? We each have a role to play in the mess our world is in right now. Through indifference, neglect, or downright abuse, we have ignored the signs that have been in front of us all along. The signals should have alerted us, and instead, we unknowingly looked the other way in many cases, which contributed to damaging ourselves and the world. When we become awake and aware, we can absolutely bring the light and shine brightly for others to see their way through.

Joining me today is Shirley Bloethe, a Reverend in the Church of Light and Love. We will talk about the things that are holding us back, keeping us from connecting to our higher selves, and what we can each do to make a difference to bring in the light of love, hope, and peace.

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