Energy Generators

Do you realize we are energy-generating beings? Our cardiac system generates energy in the form of blood that is pumped by our heart that flows through our vascular system. Our nerves generate energy that stimulates our senses. Our digestive system fuels the fire of our bodily systems, and our reproductive system creates new beings based on a miraculous fusion of energy. Our incredible bodies are energy-creating machines and we must protect our energy.

There are four parts to our body; the physical part with the 7 bodily systems; the mental part that thinks, creates, and drives intelligence; the emotional part that feels and senses; and the spiritual energy part which is the eternal part of our being. The spiritual being is often seen as the aura and is comprised of the 7 energy centers known as chakras. All four parts of our being must be healthy, active, and in sync with one another in order to support a fully functioning human being. What happens when we are out of balance?

Out of Balance

Any of these parts can become disturbed or out of balance, which creates disease. To keep our physical body healthy, we eat wisely, drink pure water, and move our bodies to maintain strength. We keep our minds healthy by thinking positive thoughts and focusing on being creative. We maintain healthy emotions by releasing old memories and actively doing things that give us joy. We sustain good spiritual health by being aware of energy interrupters, using energy protection exercises, and staying connected to higher sources of positive energy. To maintain a healthy life, we must be mindful to protect all aspects of our energy bodies on a regular basis.

Just as we wear clothing to protect our physical bodies from the elements, we must discover ways to protect our spiritual bodies from interference. Sensitive, empathic people pick up on negative or toxic energy and can be quite affected by other people’s negativity. If you feel drained after being around certain people or when doing helpful energy work such as Reiki, you may be an empath who is sensitive to those who are stuck in destructive energy patterns, and you feel their emotions. There are simple and effective tools you can learn to keep your energy protected, clear, and safe. As you learn to maintain healthy energy while working closely with your angels and Guides, you boost the quality of your life.

Holistic and Reiki Professionals

Many people receive energy and Reiki sessions to balance their energy, an incredible opportunity to align the energy centers in your body. The professional who is offering Reiki also needs to embrace ways to enhance their own vital energy to strengthen their energy flow. We must learn to clear our auras using daily spiritual hygiene practices and receive regular auric energy clearings to stay clear and balanced. We offer several free video exercises on our Inspirational Resources webpage to help you create sacred space and protect your auric energy. If you are an empath or energy professional and would like to discover some techniques to clear and maintain your energy, register for our upcoming Lightworker Energy Integrity Training (L.E.I.T.) Program.

This wonderful learning opportunity is designed exclusively for energy workers and especially Reiki practitioners who want to maintain positive energy while sharing their beautiful energy with clients. This unique training program is offered in three modules that you can learn on your own, followed by a webinar with our expert team to get your questions answered. Enjoy in-depth explanations, demonstrations, and experiential exercises, in this online training program.  Join this self-study program to learn powerful ways to maintain good energy that will enhance your peace of mind, body, and spirit. Establish easy processes to keep your energy clear and protected for optimal energy sessions.

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