The snow is melting in New England, and we are excited to see tiny shoots of spring poking up from the cold ground. As the sun warms and the breezes blow, we are looking forward to watching our gardens grow, bloom, and bear fruit. Having been sequestered safely in my nest these past five months, I am delighted to see the first signs of spring in this north country. My precious daughter was born down south in mid-March, and the day she was born, the daffodils bloomed. With our longer New Hampshire winters, we celebrate every new green shoot, knowing the blooms will take several more weeks to make their appearance. We must wait patiently for what seems like forever, yet as we welcome the subtle signs of change and embrace new growth with anticipation, we know with certainty that we will soon be delighting in the fragrance with hope, and trusting that the joy of bright blossoms will be here for those with eyes to see very soon.

My guest today has captured the essence of healing properties from her enchanted garden. From soothing products to prose, to a thriving practice, Deb Schaffer shares her intuitive connection with the energy of Mother Gaia in her Enchanted Botanicals offerings. A spiritual herbalist, energy intuitive, author, and gardening fanatic, Deb embraces her passion for blending spirit and earth in the gifts that grow in her enchanted garden. Enjoy this lovely conversation with Deb and welcome the sun with open arms.
Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles –