Today’s show is about being aware and standing strong together. How do we do this in our divided world? To start, we need to be better informed, and it is hard to find the truth. Today, we are honored to have a gentleman who is dedicating his time to creating a resource for those who feel alone on this journey and are guided to do the right thing. Among other things, Jude Augusta is an attorney who with his team is establishing NH United to bring people together.

The Ancient Ones in the Chronicles of Hope told us years ago that it is ethics and morality that are the definitions of civilization, not the things that society can produce. Humanity has become very fixated on the material and needs to develop its own consciousness rather than its control over the material world. Humans need to use our creativity to stimulate positive thoughts and feel that what we create matters. We need to spark this turnaround to the positive before it is too late. Therefore, let’s spark the turnaround by creating a small wave of prayer-filled light that will touch people around the world in a continuous cycle. Please join in a universal prayer for peace every day at 8:00 am or pm or both… wherever you are. If we spend 1 to 8 minutes morning and night to send prayer, light, love, gratitude, compassion, hope, and positive energy, together we will be the small ripple in this large pond of humanity. We will make a difference!