What Is an Empath?

Let’s start with being aware of what an empath is. An empath is a person who is highly sensitive to the energy around them. They are even capable of sensing and feeling the emotions of others, which makes them very vulnerable to negative energies in their surroundings. In the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP, we observe that people have certain modalities or characteristics with which they relate to the world around them. People communicate with each other based on modalities of style and expression. Some “see” the world from a visual perspective. They tend to talk faster, be more colorful, expressive, and animated. Those who are kinesthetic relate to the world through “feelings”. They often speak and move more slowly, with gentler, more deliberate actions, and even appear softer, cozier, and quieter. There are fewer auditory folks whose perceptions are based on the melodious sounds they “hear”. Then there we have senses of smell and taste, which are referred to as olfactory and gustatory. Most people relate to and interact with others by expressing a combination of visual and kinesthetic modalities, with a tendency to have one of these more dominant.

Empaths are easily recognized through NLP awareness as those who are open on multiple levels. With senses heightened by what they see, hear, feel, smell, and even taste, empaths are extremely sensitive to the world around them. Many of these deeply intuitive people are able to truly feel others in a very visceral way, which often results in unexplained sensations in their own bodies. They can become overwhelmed by emotions that many times are not even their own. Most of these extremely sensitive people consider these sensitivities a curse. However, there are also many blessings to being empathic. We might even say they have “superpowers”.


1. You make others feel heard. You notice that many people, even strangers, are comfortable telling you their life stories. Because of your natural empathic way of listening, others feel validated and heard… sometimes for the first time in their life.
2. You are also a human lie detector. You have a strong “BS” meter and should pay attention to it. You feel, sense, and know when someone’s words are not in alignment with their truth or intentions. You can readily sense deception and mistruths.
3. You are also a natural healer. Your empathic openness allows you to draw on talents, energies, and wisdom from your own elevated awareness as you readily connect with higher sources of wisdom. Your enlightened energies are often expressed through art, coaching, teaching, and healing modalities.
4. The energy of your presence alone has the ability to elevate the vibration of everyone around you; whether you or they are even aware of it. You are truly powerful and acutely sensitive.

Empathic people often feel the weight of someone else’s life around them, and can easily be drained by another’s energy. Empaths often protect themselves by avoiding interactions with others because of the extreme discomfort they sense from someone else’s negative emotions. I recently had an amazing empath and intuitive medium on my Inspiring Hope Radio show. Ann Bordeleau shared stories of what it is like to be an empath today and gives suggestions as to what can be done to help others. You are welcome to listen in on the show replay HERE!

Lightworkers, Starseeds & Earth Angels

Let’s hear what our amazing Guides in Chronicles of Hope shared with us about empathic people. Many empaths, lightworkers, star-seeds, and earth angels are here on a mission to help humanity at this pivotal time in history. Since there is so much negativity in our society, many are feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders and can readily become overwhelmed by an intense mistrust of others. Some are having real struggles in today’s bombardment of extreme toxic energy. To protect themselves from this adverse influence, many shut down and distance themselves into isolation, which serves to exacerbate the feeling of being different and alone. An empath really does need to retreat momentarily from people for personal rejuvenation. Yet pulling completely away from others is detrimental to all of our well-being. They are here among us as “way-showers,” literally to show us how to sense and feel what another feels. If you are an empath or have one in your life, respect these abilities and heed the keen sense of awareness. Much like the canary in the coal mine, these magical people sense emotional distress before others are even aware of it.

Empaths need to learn ways to handle the intense energy they detect and protect themselves from taking on too much. My heart goes out to our youth who are surrounded by so much draining energy in the schools today. They feel especially lost and lonely without truly understanding why. Please know that you are here for a reason. We need you to light the path toward togetherness and peace. Some lightworkers are high vibrational energy warriors who are here to challenge the status quo and fight for change. Most empaths hold a more gentle elevated energy of peace, hope, and love. You are humanity’s hope for reclaiming a world of true oneness, bringing people together.

Self Protection

What can you do to protect yourself and hold your energy strong? Start by escaping from people every day for a time. Go out in nature, play with your pet, listen to high-frequency music, or get into your creative gifts. Take time to do what gives you joy. This will reset your vibrational energy. Be sure to protect your energy from others. Our guides tell us that when we are being helpful to others, we generate and broadcast a lot of energy, we shine very brightly. There are unseen energy feeders who are attracted to that bright energy as a food source and will drain your energy. Empaths, energy workers, and everyone seeking spiritual healing need to use a form of protective shielding on a regular basis. We have added two energy shielding and protecting audio/video files for you to use. You are welcome to use them to create sacred space and balance your energy whenever you need them. You can find them at these links: Creating Sacred Space and Energy Clearing & Alignment Process.

The Collective has told us to “vet carefully” those whom we should trust. When we trust our own intuitive knowing, our spiritual self, to truly sense the spiritual nature of others, then we know with certainty whom to trust and share. Empaths teach how to know who to trust and how to connect heart to heart with others on a deep spiritual level. Their abilities can bring us together as we embody new ways of relating to one another. If we pay attention to being our senses, intuition, and guidance, we develop a deeper understanding and compassion for others. When we tune into raising the collective energy of our world, we assist in shifting the positive energy for all of humanity.


If you are an empath who is struggling with negative energies and would like some personal assistance, we are happy to help. Energy clearing is our true specialty, schedule a consultation on the contact page of this website. We invite you to listen to many positive recordings on the c/LoisHermannAssociates YouTube channel. You can also find insightful blogs and Inspiring Hope Radio Show replays in the media section of our LoisHermann.com website. Be sure to join our Hope Community for encouragement, support, and inspiration at Chronicles of Hope.net. We are here to help you as you embrace your passion for helping others.

Blessings of Hope Through Togetherness,
Lois Hermann & Team Hope