How do we go from mad, sad, scared, or angry to hopeful, positive, peaceful, and happy? One step at a time. To learn more and experience a shift in your energy, join me in a free webinar on Thursday, September 10 at 1:00 PM (ET).

First Step… REFLECT on where you have been. Ten years ago, I was a different person: a successful medical director with intense responsibility for 150 professional staff, driving over four hours to work each day to support myself and my family. Though I was good at my career, I knew in my heart it was not what I was called to do. I needed to make a change for my health, my heart, and my peace of mind.

Do you remember where you were 10 or 20 years ago? What were you doing? Were you healthy, were you happy, were you fulfilled? What have you done to change your life since that time? What is better… and what still needs to change? We need only to compare ourselves with ourselves. We must strive to be better today than the person we were yesterday. Be grateful for all you had in your past and wish for more in your future.

Second Step… ASK what could be done.
I asked myself, what if I could support myself with my passion for helping others more directly? Twenty years before, I had transitioned my life from an intensely abusive relationship using the incredible power of positive thought coupled with uplifting spiritual awareness. What if I could use my experience to help others to do the same?

Ask your own wise mind what do you really want? Ask your guides and angels for assistance with clarity on what you are to do with your life. We are only stuck if we think we are. We are the only ones who can change the direction and outcomes in our lives. Stimulate your innate curiosity and ask yourself… What if? Be grateful for the messages you receive and step into the attitude of gratitude.

Third Step… IMAGINE what could be. I imagined working nearby with a loving husband in a comfortable home with quiet gardens, doing what I love to do helping others with hypnosis and energy work. It didn’t really seem possible, however, I allowed myself to get into the vision and imagined what it might be like to actually live a life of fulfillment, serenity, and peace.

Think about possibilities… what would it be like to really do what you are called to do? How would your life be different if you were doing what gives you joy, living in a place of peace and safety, surrounded by loving people who support and encourage you? Take yourself on a meditative journey to discover what your life would be like if you could manifest whatever you wish and live the life of your dreams. Create a vision board with images, drawings, and sayings of what you hope for. Be grateful in advance for all the goodness that is coming to you.

Fourth Step… take ACTION. I chose to hire a coach to help me establish my business and create the life of my dreams. It took some work and I had to muster the courage to leave the security of a well-paid, well-respected position to delve into the unknown world of self-employed metaphysical teacher and healing facilitator. Here I am, eight years hence, fulfilled by my mission of doing what I love, helping others, contentedly working from my home office with a wonderful husband, in a lovely home with beautiful gardens to tend, and the author of three books. I dreamed it and worked to make it happen… with gratitude. You can do the same.

We can use our imagination to dream and wish for change, but the fish is not going to jump on the dock if you do not put your line in the water. You must take an action… any action to get yourself moving in the direction of your dreams. Research, inquire, investigate. Find out possibilities to make the change you wish in your life and follow through on your impulses, insights, and insights. Watch for the signs that will guide you… Do I choose to move? Do I study to prepare? Do I align with others of like mind for support? Always embrace possibilities with the positive energy of gratitude for all that is and the potential for what will be.

Embrace all that is good in your life. Avoid allowing the illusion of fear to consume your thoughts and drain your energy. Take action to make needed changes you feel in your heart and mind. And embrace the joy that comes to you with gratitude and appreciation.

If you ever need assistance with shifting your course in life and raising your energy, please connect with me. I am honored to help others find peace of mind and embrace their next phase of life. Easily schedule a session at

For more insights to Lift Your Energy, join me in a free webinar on September 10 at 1:00 PM (ET). I will lead a guided meditation to help you see the potential for your future and bring hope to our world in these challenging times. We can all use some uplifting energy and together, we will make a difference.

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If you cannot make the live webinar, it will be recorded and added to my YouTube channel. I am dedicated to bringing you positive ways to lift your energy, helping you survive and thrive through this time of challenge and change.

Many Blessings for a Hopeful, Healthy, and Happy September,

Lois Hermann

“To make this world a better place, find a way to emphasize the positive.”
– Rae, God of Atlantis / Chronicles of Hope: The Collective