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What an amazing journey! I just returned from the Heartland Hypnosis Conference where I shared a presentation on the spiritual aspects of hypnosis – Integrating Mind, Body, and Spirit with Hypnosis. We also introduced the Chronicles of Hope at the Inspiring Hope with Hypnosis presentation. Both presentations were very well received by an incredible group of spiritual-minded professionals. I am grateful that Reverend William Mitchell and the conference organizers embraced the spiritual aspect of hypnosis. It was great to be surrounded and supported by people and an organization that validates the holistic approach to wellness.

I would like to share another amazing journey to wellness with you. This journey was written by one of my precious teen clients, Caroline Snyder, of her recovery from the devastating effects of misdiagnosed Lyme disease. After being out of public school and unable to read for over two years, she now tells her own incredible healing story, beautifully articulated in her own blog. I would like to add that Caroline and her dedicated parents were the ones who truly facilitated her healing. She gives a lot of credit to my assistance, however, it was her active participation and commitment to her own healing that made miracles happen. I applaud the courage of this amazing young woman as she celebrates her path to wellness. You absolutely should follow her blog at the website she created:

Healing with Hypnosis

Caroline Snyder is a 16-year old high school student who developed a passion for holistic medicine when she experienced successful healing from severe Lyme Disease. She had her first hypnosis session with Lois Hermann in September 2017 to help alleviate symptoms of debilitating stress, nervousness, brain fog, compulsive tendencies, and more. She has been in trance multiple times on her journey to full healing.

by Caroline Snyder

Four months into Lyme Magnetic Protocol Therapy in August 2017, I was in a constant state of routine. Obsessed with the repetitive patterns in my brain to soothe my fight or flight instincts thanks to anxiety, I was rapidly detoxing tick-borne infection, but my brain was not keeping pace with my slow, healing body. I was left stuck and confused, wishing for a full recovery. Besides a weakened body, my anxiety and OCD continued to prevail.

My family and specialists were growing concerned why my mental symptoms were not subsiding. Each day, I grew more anxious wondering if I was going to live with anxiety forever as previous medical doctors and psychologists had told me. That thought was depressing after such positive, hopeful holistic providers were optimistic they could alleviate my symptoms. What was wrong with me? Why wasn’t my brain healing? My prognosis had looked so encouraging, and I surrounded myself with such restorative properties. So what was the problem?

“Hypnosis has helped me let go of guilt, tension and insecurities. It has helped me forgive and love myself so I can successfully move forward in my life.”

Hesitantly, my magnetic specialist brought up an alternative option for those of her clients who don’t see progress in the expected time frame. She talked about how sometimes when we have lived with symptoms for several years (and in my case 12), our brain can become automatically charged to produce them because that’s how it has grown to function. Now that it was time to release them, since I was in treatment and my body was no longer guarded, my brain didn’t know how to go on without the symptoms.

She proceeded to explain that hypnosis can retrain the brain to respond differently to situations and how to react to negative challenges in a positive way.

Like holistic medicine, hypnosis is misunderstood. Hypnosis is not like we see in movies when the person is completely unaware and does strange things, which my brain was accustomed to as well. At first, I was hesitant, but the possibilities seemed encouraging.

I was introduced to my hypnotist, Lois Hermann, that same day. Right away, I knew it was a perfect fit for me. Every word she spoke I was overwhelmed, covered in goosebumps, and shocked at the possibilities of how people can benefit from hypnosis.

While being in trance takes brain power, I found it unbelievably helpful. We began to work with my subconscious to reverse the damage that common infection caused. Lois would put me in trance and together we journeyed into my wise mind to find the root of my problems. Other times, she would speak directly to my subconscious with lines such as “you are happy, calm, strong and confident. You are motivated to reach success and accomplish your highest goals.”

You can’t imagine how influential those sessions were. With permission from my mind, I began thinking the way she would suggest for my highest good, and developed the strength to do so much more than I thought was possible. In the beginning, part of my story was that I had severe anxiety during long car rides in particular. I was incapable of going to our family beach house two hours away for almost a year, which was very upsetting for me because it was such a sanctuary throughout my life. When I told this to Lois, she simply, but confidently said, “I’ll get you there.” I was there by the end of the week.

Another one of the most positive shifts was reading. I was an avid reader growing up. Due to Lyme Disease, I was unable to pick up a book for about two years because of my lack of focus, concentration and mental processing. At one appointment, Lois tapped into my subconscious as usual and she persuaded my mind to be open to reading again. We discovered that my brain was actually protecting myself from another “crash and burn,” so I had been withdrawing from reading to prevent future failure. When I was most ill, every time I pushed myself, it would make me worse, so it made sense why that was happening.

The night of that hypnosis session, I ended up picking up the first Harry Potter book and finished it easily in five days. I continued, and it took me less than two months to get through the whole seven book series. That’s the essence of hypnosis.

Having Lois as a hypnotist has definitely opened up a whole other world of knowledge I was not familiar with. The same day I met her, she started discussing how in some cases besides needing assistance to encourage the subconscious, negative energy can actually block healing and weigh us down from reaching our fullest potential, and she can help release this. This was all new to me. Energy?

Using Hypnosis to Release Negative Energy

Have you ever experienced the sensation of feeling an unexplained weight holding you back? Or feeling especially drained or heavy? Maybe just feeling not like you?

These sensations can be linked to physical energy surrounding you. As long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with feelings of being held back by something I felt was not in my control, along with sudden personality shifts and being mentally depleted of strength. Apparently, I’m not alone. Hypnosis helped me discover that these emotions were actually energies all along.

Humans are made up of body, mind, and spirit. Energy is found everywhere. I learned that energy from around the earth, even spirits, can latch onto people. When this occurs, your energy levels become low, preventing you from fully being you and fulfilling your highest potential. Part of Lois’ job is to release spiritual activity from her clients, though not all hypnotists do this kind of work. It is very unique compared to other traditional hypnotists. She even taught me how to repel and protect myself from these energies.

I know this kind of topic can be difficult to grasp for logical brains, but I’ve always kept an open mind. I’ve always believed in the other side, but I never knew of the physical problems spirits can actually inflict on an individual. Once I got initially cleared, the results were astounding, and I was fully a believer.

I’ll Forever be Grateful for Hypnosis

Every stuck symptom blocking my mind, from anxiety to brain fog, I noticed positive shifts in my overall wellbeing. I don’t recall a lot of the traumatic experiences I endured. Hypnosis helped me minimize some of the gruesome details from my sickness so it no longer hauntedly replays in my head over and over. When my family and I occasionally look back, it doesn’t bother me. Instead, I can remember it as an experience that helped me grow and feel grateful about where I am now. It has even helped me let go of guilt, tension and insecurities. She helped me forgive and love myself so I can successfully move forward in my life.

“Every stuck symptom, from anxiety to brain fog, I noticed positive shifts in my overall well-being. I don’t recall a lot of the traumatic experiences I endured. Hypnosis helped me minimize some of the gruesome details.”

Hypnosis was truly the first thing that we realized was helping me heal. Of course, all the infection leaving my body was vitally important, but the mental piece was just as equally necessary. It just took my brain longer to catch up to my body and hypnosis was the exact push I needed. It was essential to my healing process.

My case was very intricate and took a team of gifted people to collaborate and bring out the best version of myself. Hypnosis and clearing myself and others of unwanted energy has become an everyday practice for me, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to learn it. Because without hypnosis, I believe I would still be lost in my past, very anxious, and not able to attend traditional school. Without hypnosis, I don’t think I would be the person I am today, and wouldn’t be planning a future I never believed possible a couple years ago.

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Caroline is incredible and courageous. I am grateful for the opportunity to be involved in her healing journey. There are many others, like Caroline, who suffer with thoughts of “What is the matter with me?” If you have similar self-talk, would you like to embrace life from a new, positive perspective? If you struggle with brain fog, extreme stress, emotional symptoms associated with undiagnosed Lyme or other disease processes, hypnosis is a powerful contributor for your healing journey. In addition, my partners at the NH Health & Wellness Center are trained to recognize autoimmune disease processes, and facilitate holistic healing on all levels, mind, body and spirit. I am blessed to be involved with such a strong team of professionals, who compassionately make a difference in the healing journey for so many who suffer.

Blessings of Hope for Healing,

Lois Hermann


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