Travel… Explore… & Rejuvenate

This has been a month of many enjoyable travels for me… from the deserts of the southwest, to the majesty of the Grand Canyon, to the colors of northern New Hampshire, and the bustle of New York City… all places that are called home to some. As a visitor, I delighted in the diverse beauty of this planet we live on, this place we all call home. From the textural variation of the Southwest Botanical Gardens, to the blazing Red Rocks of Sedona, to the breathtaking vistas of the Grand Canyon, to the vibrant colors of New England’s autumn leaves, to the contrast of the huge skyscrapers in the Big Apple… from terrain, to structures, to people who live there… each of these places is a beloved home to someone.  

As we look upon the vast variety of the places around us, there is one thing we all have in common… the beauty and serenity of nature. We are sometimes too busy to take the time to notice or genuinely appreciate the energy of nature all around us. With the stress of jobs, drama of family, or heartbreak of health concerns, we need to make our connection to nature a high priority. Even the concrete canyons of New York City offer such places as Central Park or the High Line Walkway for peaceful escapes. When we commune with nature, wherever we are, we have the chance to reconnect with the healthy energy nature provides us. Plants give us oxygen and beautiful colors, while animals give us soothing sounds and playful antics. Nature helps to ground us, clear the negative energy, and give us fresh clean air to breathe.

One of our greatest stress busters is Mother Nature…Gaia… the spirit of our Earth. When life gets so busy, one of the most meditative things to do is simply to go for a walk. When you learn to be in the moment and enjoy the beauty of nature surrounding your home, your work, or park a nearby… you calm your mind, release frustrating emotions, and even lower your blood pressure. Wherever it is located… your home is where your heart is. Love the place you are in and let it love you back. Take time to get into nature around you and reset yourself on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Since the spiritual part of us needs nourishment, too… you can do that in nature, in church, or in your own sacred garden at home. Another way to inspire your spirit are stories. If you enjoy uplifting stories, be sure to sign up for our new Spirit Sundays. Join our Fans of the book: Spirits of Amoskeag or the website for some positive Spirit Sunday stories. We will be sharing stories of people and pets who have lived before and how they have affected the lives of the living. Our unique spirit stories are based on real accounts from clients that are uplifting and inspiring.

In addition, please help me welcome Denise McCalvey as my Administrative Assistant. She is available to schedule your sessions so that we can better serve your needs. Together, we are dedicated to serving you efficiently and effectively. You can reach us on our new toll-free number, 884-777-7812, or contact Denise at [email protected]. You can always schedule an appointment yourself at

If you are interested or know someone who would like to learn hypnosis to change the lives of themselves, their family or clients, let them know about The Hypnosis Certification Training which starts January 2018. Learn more here! This is an awesome opportunity to start a whole new adventure in healthy mindfulness.

Continue to join me in sending positive thought, energy, Reiki, and prayers to those who have been devastated by the storms, earthquakes, floods, and fires around our Earth. We are all connected.

Blessings of Hope,

Lois Hermann


Kate said…

I was limiting myself and wasn’t able to move past certain things. I would get awesome opportunities, but I couldn’t make them happen. There were blocks that wouldn’t allow me to do the things that I love to do, which created a lot of self-doubt.

Since participating in the sessions, I am so much more confident in what I’m doing, and feel really good about everything. There’s no self-doubt going on, there’s no negative talk going on in my head any more. I think the sessions were wonderful, they were very successful. I actually did more than I set out to do. In addition to breaking free of negative self-talk, we cleared other things in my life such as phobias and fears.

This was so much more than what I expected, and would absolutely recommend this to others. Thank you.

Kate C. – Nutrition Coach – Nashua, NH